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Yukiko Part 7

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We both got up and walked hastily towards the road to try to catch a cab. However, the merciless weather started pouring heavily halfway through. Even though I was still shell-shocked from what she had just told me, all I could think of is shielding her from the chilling rain as I didn't want her to fall sick. My hands formed a tiny little barrier to cover her head. It is plain dumb and I don't understand why I am doing this as my hands won't be able to block the rain from drenching her. Then, I saw a cab on the road and I flagged it.

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'You are so silly Clement.'
The next thing I know, we were in the cab, drenched from head to toes. I told the cab driver to lower the power of the air-conditional to the lowest and I put my arms around her shoulder, rubbing her arms to help her gain some heat. Before I know it, she was in my embrace and I was stroking her soaked hair. Her eyes were closed and my fingers roamed to her cheeks. I fulfilled my long awaited-desire as I pinched them lightly. She opened her eyes slowly like a baby in the morning. My index finger teased her dimples and she must have felt tickled as she ruffled her head in between my arms and chest. All good things must come to an end - the cab reached her place and luckily, there was shelter to her house. I told the cab driver to wait for a while and I got out of the cab with her.

'When are you leaving?'
Tomorrow? Did I just hear wrongly? What's the rush? Sometimes, reality is extremely cruel - heaven makes sport of men.
'I was supposed to tell you earlier, but I can't bear to.'
She is right. If she had told me earlier, I would have felt like a cancer stricken patient waiting for the day of reckoning. It's terrible!
'Would you see me off?'
I felt an urge to see her from now until tomorrow to treasure every last second. However, if I were to see her off, the scene would be unimaginable. My heart and soul won't be able to endure the parting scene.
'I think we should just make this our last meeting.'
I actually managed to smile and keep on this mask of mine, this brave front that seemed indestructible. It remains on my face emotionlessly. Perhaps it is better if we keep it this way.
'At the count of three, let's both walk off to our destination and never look back ok?'
She nodded and I could see her tears almost spilling out.


'Boy, come over and drink this.'
It was close to my June examination and my mum has brought me the usual examination brain tonic - Chicken Essence. I gulped down the entire bottle and sat by my study table in my room. Working through countless past year papers has driven me to the point of madness. I looked out of window and thought of Yukiko again.

It has been a few months since I had last seen or heard from her. During our last farewell at her estate where we promised each other not to look back, I did not turn back even once. I felt that I had my last glance when I spoke those last few words to her. I had to control myself emotionally and choke back on the tears as I had to maintain my "guy image". Since that day, I tried going online often to look for her even though I remembered her saying she would not be able to chat online from Japan.

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We seemed to have totally lost contact as she did not even call me from Japan. I think she must have her reasons for doing so. Various possibilities came into my mind. Maybe she lost my number in Japan. Maybe she is busy adapting to her new life. Maybe she has forgotten about me. No, that can't be! How can that be? How could she have easily forgotten about what took place between us? The day I hit on her, our chats, the movie, the dinner together, straw fighting, the beach, the unexpected rain, the cuddle and every other tiny little details. Did everything that took place happen to be only a dream?

Tomorrow is the start of my examination period. I rubbed my eyes a little and stretched, telling myself not to ponder over past issues as it might affect my examination performance. I went back to my books and continued working on them.

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