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Yukiko Part 4

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I couldn't sleep the entire night. I was too excited about tomorrow's event. Going out with a girl? I have never been out with one before! I pray sincerely that nothing will screw up tomorrow

Tomorrow came and I arrived at Starbucks at 8.40p.m., twenty minutes before appointment time. I did not want to be late for our first date. I was sipping my favourite ice blended mocha as I waited and daydreamed about the soccer match I played in today. I started pondering about life issues and soccer; Life is like soccer, you never know when you will be get hit by the ball in your face.

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As I was trying to entertain myself to relieve the tension in me, I sensed her presence. I looked up and saw her smiling and making her way towards me. She looks stunning in a white spaghetti strap top and denim skirt. I simply love girls in skirts as it makes them look more feminine.

'Sorry I am late.'
'No worries, I am early.'
'So what movie are we watching?'
'It doesn't matter as we can check it out later. Anyway what matters most is who I am watching with and not the show.'
She blushed and I nearly died. I am becoming a professional at doing this. Haha!

I praised her on how gorgeous she looked today. I guess it was just something to start the conversation, but hey, I really meant what I said. Her cheeks turned crimson red as she replies with a soft thank you. I bought another ice-blended mocha for her as she said she wanted the same.

We chatted for a while - Jerry told me to soften her up with a conversation as she will most likely be tense too. Gradually, she became more comfortable in my company. Actually at times, I did not understand what she was saying due to her Japanese accent. Nevertheless, she looked so cute, especially when she smiles that I have this burning urge to pinch her cheeks.


After finishing our drinks, we made our way to the cinema where we decide to watch Shallow Hal. It is a romantic comedy. Jerry said that watching a comedy is a good way to remember a first date. It will be preferable to sad movies which might make her cry and I would have to cheer her up later.

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The movie is about Hal Larsen, the ultimate shallow guy who judges women for their appearance. However, he was hypnotized to judge women by their character instead of their physical beauty. He fell in love with Rosemary, the lead actress without realizing that she is not what he thinks she looked like.

The story is a mixture of laughs and emotions. At the end of the movie, I could see watery tears in Yukiko's eyes. What the hell? Well. At the very least, she could understand the story. We walked out of the cinema and I tried to reassure her that the world is still spinning and it was only a show.

'Do you think there are people like that?'
Sure. Of course. That is the real world.'
'Why must guys like pretty girls?'
I was momentarily taken aback by her sudden question. I asked myself that question and the answer that came up don’t sound too good.
'I think is because humans like to admire pretty things. I mean you would like to admire good-looking guys too right?'
'But good-looking guys don't give me security. That's why I don't like good-looking guys.'
My heart just scored another point; I am not good looking - I am decent looking, the second closest to handsome. Even though she never really answered my question, but I love her reply.
'What about you Clement? Do you like pretty girls too?'
This Kind Of Question Again? If I say yes, I will appear shallow. If I say no, I will be lying to myself. God! I need an answer that can give me the best of both worlds.
I was trying to buy time as she nodded her head almost immediately.
'Well. I think I prefer. Cute girls like. You!'
My system is undergoing stress and it makes me go nuts every time she throws questions like these to me. She blushed and tapped my head lightly. Oh man, I think I am not going to wash my hair today.
'Don't be silly.'
I know that sentence was just to cover her embarrassment, just like me laughing whenever I make a mushy remark.

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