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Yukiko Part 5

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I decided to send her home by bus as I think this is the very least what a guy should do. We boarded the same bus 171 which we always take. We recognized the bus driver straightaway.
'Boy, not bad! You finally got to know her. You didn't know her the last time right?'
It was the bus driver and I nodded in faint agreement and smiled while she giggled uncontrollably. We chose a seat at the back of the bus and sat down.
'This driver is always very chatty, don't bother about him. I always see him talking to other passengers.'
A smile forms on her lips. Suddenly, she took the bus tickets that I was holding.
'Look away first!'
I did as I was told and after five minutes she held my wrist and put her fist onto my hands. Am I in heaven?

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'I have nothing for you, so I made these two hearts myself. One is for you, the one for me.'
I looked at her origami hearts made from bus tickets and wondered whether I should do something similar. I appreciate her efforts and thanked her.

Finally her stop arrived and she had to alight. We got down and I insisted on sending her to her block.
'It's ok. It's not nice if my neighbours see me with a guy so late at night.'
I nodded and finally relented. Well, every date has to part eventually right? I watched her fade into her estate until I can no longer catch a glimpse of her.

I am in Love with Today.

For the next few months, we chatted everyday online and each time I feel that I am slipping into this pit of love. She told me she can't hang out very often as her guardian is very strict. Her parents are working overseas, leaving her all alone at home. I know she longs for my company like I long for hers. We are like a pair of inseparable best friends. Whenever she has any problems, she will consult me and I will be there to give my advice. Maybe this is what true love is, someone to be there regardless of whether you two are together - someone to guide, shield and depend on. Jerry says that I am wasting too much time on a single girl. I should have just pop the question and pass the ball into her court as life is too short to spend on one person. Despite that, I haven't reached a stage where I am desperate to reveal my feelings. Maybe I would do it the soon. However, when is the right time?


'Clement, I have something to ask you.'
Oh no, not again?
'What do you think of me?'
Oh, peer evaluating time! Even though I speak easily to myself, when it comes to expressing to her, I fail miserably.
'Cute? And you are a very good friend of mine.'
'That's all?'
What do you mean that's all? Oh dear, I have to say something that she wants to hear or I will be condemned forever! I decided to avoid the question using my usual tactics.
'I feel a lot of things for you in my heart, but in this short span of time, I can't express it out. But regardless of what it is, I want to let you know that I treasure you a lot.'

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Phew! I was lucky to come out with this marvellous sentence. It seemed that after the episode of knowing her, I am beginning to master the skill of using the right words. There was silence on her end in the chatroom and I decide to wait for her reply to what I have just said. Five minutes went by and I started to ponder if I gave the wrong reply and if I should say something to break the silence.

'Clement, can we meet for dinner tomorrow?'
Another date! Yeah! I literally scream at my monitor screen as she is able to go out with me once more.
'Sure! What about your guardian? Does she allow you to go out tomorrow?'
'Yes, she allows me to go out tomorrow.'
'Ok. Let's meet at Mac Donald's.'
'Ok. I have to go offline now. Remember not to be there so early tomorrow ok? I feel bad if you have to wait for me.'
I smiled at her consideration for me. Before I could reply, she has left the chatroom. I suppose I will have to wait until tomorrow to see her again.

I arrived early as usual, this time about fifteen minutes earlier. I waited for her outside Mac Donald's patiently. I wondered about why she wanted to meet me so suddenly. Maybe she had a motive. Maybe she needs to borrow a large sum of money from me. Maybe she simply misses me too much. Ok. The effect of watching too many television programmes again.

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