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Title - Only Love
Description - Do you like the song Only Love? The song is closely related to this true love story which advices us to treasure everyone around us and face life bravely.

Title - Shmily
Description - Fill your heart with heart warming sweetness through a loving old couple in this true love story.

Title - Life Together
Description - Growing old together is always more difficult than one can imagine. There can be many slight differences that erupt into huge disparity over the years. However it also shows true love exists and is everlasting…

Title - Until Death do us Not Part
Description - Death tears lovers apart physically but the love stays in the heart eternally. This is especially true for Christel Demichel as her love will always be true no matter where her loved one is.

Title - A Couple's Heartbreak
Description - See how the pain experienced by a couple from the lost of their child was reduced through love.

Title - Sexual Urges
Description - Get ready for a good laugh in the battles of sexes over sexual urges.

Title - Life Explained
Description - This cute story will explain why everyone walks through the same path in life.


Title - The Lizard
Description - Can cold blooded lizards show the capacity to love? The answer is yes in this amazing tale.

Title - Price of a Miracle
Description - Money can’t buy you everything but sometimes it can buy you a miracle if you have enough belief.

Title - The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be
Description - Real life tragic story on how a man was forced to give up the women he loves despite going through a lot of obstacles together.

Title - The English Assignment
Description - Why are men from Mars and women from Venus? This hilarious story clearly depicts the huge differences between men and women.


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