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The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be Part 1

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1986 was a year that will change my life forever. I was sitting outside on one summer day when a flash of beauty just passed me by. Her name was Zia. Now, this was love at first sight. I was gasping for breath as I tried to get control of myself. This moment was going to change my life forever.

From the moment I looked into her eyes, I knew she is the one, the one I would spend the rest of my life with, until my time was done. I was lucky enough that soon someone suggested a night out together. At that time, I was ecstatic as my only wish was that she would be there. I was even more thrown overboard when I heard she would be there. The few hours I had to wait felt like a few days. Finally, the time arrived for me to fetch her. She got into the vehicle and we went on a night out to remember for life. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I tried to hold her and she was a bit defensive at first. It was a romantic evening as there was a full moon accompanied by the backdrop of lovely mountains. I started to talk to her and hold her hands. She gave in and we held hands. That was the softest hands I have ever held in my life. I simply could not let go of her from that moment onward. We walked around holding hands very discreetly as my heart pounds away. I have never felt like this for anyone in my entire life; I was shocked at the way my heart was pounding. This was the first time I had all these emotions, which was new to me.

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This was the night where the grass was green.
This was the night where the moon lit so bright.
This was the night of discovery.
The night of recovery...
This was the night of a new love.
The night where we became one.

We walked and let out some very inner feelings and the evening felt too short. She turns around when we were alone and I put my arms around her as I felt her soft gentle lips on mine. It was my first kiss. I kiss her passionately as I have never kissed anyone like this before. I felt a bit embarrassed. Did I kiss her correctly or did I look so stupid? For me that was the kiss of a lifetime. From that moment forward, all I could do is only to think about my love. I could not eat, sleep or do anything without any thoughts about her on my mind. This was the start of a relationship that would last for eternity.


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I got home all flushed and excited, with butterflies in my tummy not knowing what was actually happening to me. I asked myself is this love and is it causing me to be unable to breath properly. Oh god, help me make sense of what is going on in my heart! My parents were taken aback by me and kept asking me if I was sick or was there something wrong. I was too occupied with her on my mind and hence did not say much. Following that, we spent days and nights on the phone. We even spent time sleeping on the phone! This love was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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