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Yukiko Part 6

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As I was busy dreaming up impossible scenarios to ease my tension, I suddenly noticed her standing in front of me. As I looked up, I noticed her face being fairer and whiter as compared to the last time I saw her. Despite her pale face, her eyes sparkled and she looked like an angel. I thought her whiteness must have been the effect of good skin whitening Japanese beauty productss.

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'Waited long?'
'About 5 minutes only.'
My first lie I made to her. But it was for a good cause. We went into Mac Donald's and sat near the window seats, where we could look outside.
'What do you want? I'll go buy it for you.'
'I'll eat anything you buy.'
I decided to buy for her a Mac Nuggets meal as she has a small appetite. As I carried the tray of food to our table, I noticed that she was looking at me with such a mesmerizing effect that I got unbalanced and almost tripped.
'Clement, why are you so nice to me?'
Nice? What do you mean by nice? Do you rather I do what a player does and simply toy with your feelings?
'What do you mean?'
'Previously when you approached me to know me better, I was actually getting a little irritated because you were stalking me.'
'Oh really? You must have thought that I was a pervert or something right?'
Out of a sudden, she giggled and I wondered what it meant.
She continued, 'But then again, I realized that you are different from other guys that try to hit on me.'
What? There are other idiots doing the same thing too? Oh well, I am not surprised, considering her lovable nature and attractiveness.
'You are my best friend and I appreciated it. It must been fate that brought us together.'
Fate again. Why must women always bring up the topic of fate every time when it comes to relationship of any kind? I nodded my head a little. She seemed a little solemn today and I reckoned that I should give in to her. I tried to cheer her up a little and change the topic. I tried cracking some jokes and she would giggle a little as we continue our meal. Sometimes I feel that she is the only person in the world that appreciates what I do - be it stupid, silly, cute, dumb or whatever! It is not much, but there is always a response from her.


We finished our meals and were playing with our straws like little kids. As we were going through our 'little game', I looked into her eyes and it seemed troubled. I don't know what might be the problem but I sincerely want to make her happy to see her beautiful smile

'Can we go somewhere where I could see the sea?'
We took a taxi down to a bay. There, we walked close to the shores where the waves roared in protest from the raging winds. It was a cloudy but breezy night. We sat down side by side by the sea and watched the waves sweep up the shores.

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Suddenly she leaned on my back with her head facing up to look at the night sky. I told myself never to forget that day. It was the first intimate body contact I had with a girl with us back to back just like two hearts melting into one. We didn't speak a single word but simply sat back and enjoyed the natural surroundings.

'The sky is beautiful right?'
I looked at the sky and it seemed to me that a rain is imminent. Then, she stopped leaning on me and looked at me. I decided not to avoid her eyes. We studied each other gaze for a moment and after what seemed like eternity, I noticed a layer of wetness in her eyes.
'Clement, would you remember me?'
I wondered why she cried and it seemed that she wants to tell me something which I suspect is bad news. I nodded my head to her question and she looked towards the rough sea.
'Why? I will never forget you. Is there something wrong?'
She remained silent as she slowly looked down.
'I... have to go back to Japan.'
I felt a wave of disappointment swept over me as I realized my hopes of being with her are dashed. The fantasy of being together with her is coming to an end. If this is a dream, I pray that I will never wake up from it.
'I understand. Your parents are in Japan and they are worried for you.'
Even though I am fighting inside me, I had to put on a brave front. Well, she isn't my girlfriend so I can't request her to not leave. Girls around her age need their parents to be with them more than friends.
'Will you come and visit me if I ask you to?'
'Yes of course I will! Can we still contact through IRC?'
I was hoping for a something to hold on to. It might be nothing much but I hope I could at least still chat with her online.
'I don't think I have a computer or internet connection at my house.'
The atmosphere was becoming intense and to make matters worse, I could feel slight raindrops falling.
'Then it's ok. We could chat on the phone whenever possible and I think we better make a move as it's going to rain.'

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