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Time Love Quotes

Time Love Quotes Part 1


It has ever been since time began,
and ever will be, till time lose breath,
that love is a mood
- no more - to man,
and love to a woman is life or death.

Enemies, as well as lovers,
come to resemble each other
over a period of time.

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Christmas is love in action.
Every time we love,
every time we give, it's Christmas.

Sometimes your friends are your lovers,
or have been at one time.

If you judge people,
you have no time to love them.

Eternity is in love with
the productions of time.

The only people who
make love all the time are liars.

If it is your time,
love will track you down
like a cruise missile.

You should take your time
and do it now and again,
like watching football (on making love)

This is the miracle that happens
everytime to those who really love:
the more they give,
the more they possess.


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Love is space and time
measured by the heart.

The first time you marry for love,
the second for money,
and the third for companionship.

Probably the toughest time
in anyone's life
is when you have
to murder a loved one
because they're the devil.

Time Love Quotes Part 1


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