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Yukiko Part 8

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'Boy, your phone!'
'My phone? At such wee hours at night?
There was no response, but somehow I had this feeling that it was her.
'Yukiko?? Is that you?'
I was praying and gripping the phone hard, hoping that a miracle would happen.
'How... How did you know it was me?'
'Because I am smart! Hey! It's Ages since I last heard from you!'
I emphasized on the word "Ages" as if I had not heard from her for a few decades. The first thing I did was to tell her to hang on for a moment and I screamed with joy at the top of my voice. I could not contain my happiness and I need to release it. Following that, I scolded her in a gentle tone for not contacting me and making me feel so worried for her.'
'Sorry. I can't use the phone for long.'
Actually, I don't mind the duration of our conversation - I just wanted to hear her voice so badly.
'Miss me?'
'For making me worried and missing you so badly, you shall treat me to a movie the next time I see you.'
I used the same trick again. Haha! We spoke on the phone and talked like old friends and my examination stress seemed to have vanished. I was hoping that time will freeze so that we could chat until the end of time.

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'Clement, do you remember that day when I asked you if you would visit me in Japan and you said you would?'
'Yes? You want me to fly over? Ok sure, tell me your address. I will go over right after my examination next Saturday.'
'Next Saturday? Examination? What is the exact date?'
'Maybe 28th of May or slightly later. Yeah. Please tell me your address.'
I jolted down her contacts in Japan and kissed it.
'Clement, I got to go already. I can't talk anymore. Before I hang up the phone, is there anything you want to tell me?'
'Take lots of care ok? I can't wait to see you soon!'
'Can you hang the phone first? I don't want you to see me hang up on you.'
With a heavy heart, our conversation ended. I hurried back to my revision with renewed determination to do well so I can brainwash my mum to pay for my Japan trip. I thank God for giving me this chance!!

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*Days passed*
Tomorrow is finally the last day of my examinations. I was home doing my last minute revision. My mum agreed to pay for my tickets after my examinations provided that I give her my word that my results will be excellent. I Can't Wait Anymore! I want to see Yukiko so badly! Life has been good to me. Even though there were little setbacks along the way in this relationship, so far I love the surprises cupid has in store for me.

I studied from day to night non-stop although my mind wandered to Yukiko and our coming reunification every now and then. I was willing to study harder for the sake of seeing Yukiko again. While studying, I heard my mum calling for me.

'Boy, there is a letter for you.'
Huh? A letter for me? I have never received a letter addressed to me before. I examined the envelope and saw that the words 'To Clement' was printed in bold on the front. Curiously, I tore open the envelope and a letter fell out.

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