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Yukiko Part 3

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'Clement! You are finally here!'
I looked at the clock and it says 10 p.m. I am not late at all as I am actually logging in online to IRC earlier than usual.

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'Clement, my good friend tried to patch back with her boyfriend today. However, he ignored her.'
'Many guys are not looking for serious relationships. I suppose it is because many people want to go through a couple more relationships to gain more experience before they will realize who the right one for them is.'
'She cried... That guy told her he likes another girl. The poor girl.'
A Chinese proverb came into my mind - Tian ya he chu wu fang cao.
'Why cry wasted tears over a relationship that was never meant to be yours in the first place? Humans are emotional creatures but after a period of time, everything will just be a memory of what had taken place.'
'Yah I told her to move on with her life. However, she loved him so much and she couldn't believe that he likes someone else. If I were her, I wouldn't know what to do too.'
'Wouldn't know what to do? Make yourself happy instead of lingering over this sorrowful event. Sometimes I really wonder if women are that dumb? Or is it love makes women become vulnerable? And what makes you think that it is love? Women in their first love, love their lovers, in others, they loved love.'
'All women love romance. It is like salt and sugar in cooking. Without it, a relationship will become bland.'
'What about you Clement?'
Me? How did the topic change to me? I always avoid questions which can cause me to reveal my inner self. It is like exposing yourself to danger through speaking. People will betray the trust you have given them when you least expect and you will have to go through this series of utter disappointment and sadness. Ok I admit. I watch too much television programmes.
'Me? What about me?'
'What if something like that happens to you?'
'Er... I don't even have a girlfriend.'
'Why? Go get one?'
'Why? Is something wrong?'
Ok baby, this would be the catalyst to explode my innermost views again.
'I don't want to get a girlfriend for the sake of getting one. It’s meaningless. Nowadays, relationships are going nowhere because people just want to be in a relationship. They are afraid to be alone - they want someone to walk beside them. Be it emotionally, sexually or physically, I don't mind being alone - I like it! Unless maybe when the special one comes along, I will try my best to be with her, do stuff together and most importantly, grow together.'


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There was an unaccustomed silence after I typed that paragraph. My fingers sped through the keyboard and finally stopped at the last word. Oh @$$@! Have I just ruined my good impression? I reckoned it's time to celebrate with Jerry about my first failure.
'You are right Clement.'
Hooray!! I could see my happiness appearing on the computer screen, signalling my victory on my choice of words.
'I want to stay single until the special one comes along too...'
'How could cute girls like you possibly stay single? Guys will try all sorts of ways to get you and you would finally succumb to one of them. You are too cute to stay single.'
'You made me blushed. No, I am not cute.'
She is such a poor liar.
'When you praise a girl that she is pretty, she would tell you she looks ugly. When you say that she looks like the toilet, she will retaliate and say you look worse. I don't understand the mentality of a girl at all.'
'I am also a girl. Hence I will also behave like what you have mentioned.'

I continued to chat with her for the next two hours. Somehow, during these periods of getting to know her better, I have never asked about her family background. Other than that, we talk about everything else. I love to chat with her as she is way different from all the other girls - she is very naive and this creates an impulse for me to protect her and guide her along. She showed me the real innocence of a young lady, untainted and pure. I love the way she is naturally cute and these are the reasons that prevented me from wooing her - I can't take advantage of her innocence.

'Clement. I have to go already. It's getting late.'
'I have to leave too. Oh yeah, it's almost midnight and my Cinderella has to leave. Haha!'
Why is it that I must laugh every time I attempt a mushy statement? What a lousy cover for my embarrassment.
'Clement, you promised to treat me to the movies right?'
Yeah! My plan to get a date worked!
'Lets watch a movie together tomorrow ok?'
'Er... Ok!'
My mind was cheering and screaming in rejoice. All hail cupid for the golden opportunity!
'Ok. Clement please log off first, I don't want you to see me go.'
'Aww... Ok I'll leave at the count of 3.'
I can't believe I am doing something so silly.
'3.2.1. Gone!'

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