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Yukiko Part 1

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When a guy tries to hit on a woman for the first time, be it a senseless dare or simply pure admiration, somehow in one way or another, he will be able to summon energy into him until he accumulates enough courage to have a sudden urge to step forward and make the approach. Before he knows it, everything happens in a flash, and when you think back, you wondered how on earth you managed to do or say something as retarded.

I am in a similar hypothetical situation. I had been observing her since two days ago and for some diabolical reasons, I knew I have to know her better. Cupid's bow shot must have gone haywire and hit me because my eyes never left her since that day.

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She is petite and small with long flawless hair. Her features are well defined - especially her eyes that captured my soul from the first sight of her. She is not drop-dead gorgeous but when she smiles, her two dimples from deep creases into her cheeks making her look extremely sweet. She emits off an angelic aura and whenever I get close enough to her (it's extremely stressful), I couldn't help noticing that she smells like a walking conditioner.

I have to know her if I want this piece of dream to turn into reality. If approaching girls is my forte, it would have been as simple as snapping my fingers, but I have never approached a girl before. What do you expect from someone who studies in an all-guys school since Primary One and not even a single sister at home? Females of similar age don't exist in my social circle ever since I graduated from kindergarten years ago.

Today is the last day of school, which means starting from tomorrow, my two months vacation will begin. Then my chances of seeing her will be zero because she doesn't even stays near me; she stays near my good friend Jerry in a private estate. Fate enabled us to meet because I have been going to Jerry's house since two days ago and I ran into her at the bus stop for the past two days. Hence, today is my last chance of knowing her!


She is sitting in front of me right now and my mind is in a perpetual blank. I was thinking of a good way to start a decent conversation with her. Suddenly, the bus appeared in sight and set my pulse racing - time is running out! The bus slowed down to a gradual stop and both of us boarded. I chose a seat near the back of the bus as she walked passed me and sat behind. A wave of uneasiness washed over me as I could sense her gaze on my back. I fought with the demons within myself as I couldn't summon the courage to approach her. Finally we arrived at our stop and we got down. She walked off at a fast pace. Precious seconds are slipping past and I could feel my final chance slipping away from me. She went through the gates of her estate and by now, my mind is in a state of desperation. I watched as she gradually moves towards her block. Come on Clement you can do it or you will lose this chance forever!

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A surge of false strength filled my veins as I ran towards her. When I came to within arm length distance from her, I delivered a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around, as if expecting this would happen and gave me a curious look.

"Hi, I was... was wondering if I... I... could get to know you and be your friend?"

I expanded all my energy into blurting out this stuttering sentence. My face began to blush with shyness as I waited for a response. She smiled faintly and gosh, that nearly swept me off my feet. Five minutes went by and it was mission accomplished. We exchanged numbers and I learned that she is not exactly local; she is a half Japanese who came to Singapore to study. Her name is Yukiko, which means snow in Japanese. It is a beautiful name as it matches her unblemished and fair skin.

Before I knew it, she said she has to leave and I reciprocated her sweet smiled with a dumb one as we parted. I looked back at her for one final time before running and yelling at the top of my voice in exhilaration. I actually knocked into a lamppost and apologized to it in the process.

Yukiko Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9


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