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Yukiko Part 2

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Soon, we have known each other for two months and our main form of communication is chatting online. Jerry encourages me to woo her but I am afraid of sacrificing our stable friendship. The fact that I have never had a girlfriend before adds to the phobia that a relationship between Yukiko and me might not last.

One night, I came home quite late and logged in onto IRC straight. I was delighted to see her online too. Before I could catch my breath from the walk back home from the bus stop, she sent me a message.

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'It's quite late, aren't you sleeping Clement?'
I heard my mum's voice lurking in the background, commanding me to finish the leftover food in the kitchen. If my mum knew that I already ate in school, I think she will skin me alive.
'I just came back from school. What about you?'
'I waited for you to come online.'
Waited for me? Sometimes girls are so cute. Words like these seemed to have healed my day fatigue. Jerry said that guys must be sweet-talkers and romantic. Well, I am none of the above. But I decided to heed his advice since he stressed on it.
'Why? Do you miss me? Haha!'
I know the laughter was just to cover my embarrassment, but hey, that's a good attempt.
'Clement, I am moody today.'
'Really? What happened?'
'My good friend just broke up with her boyfriend today.'
Somehow girls are very affected by their friends in matters of the heart. Guys would normally tell them to move on with their life and stuff, whereas girls would share their pain and sorrow or cry with them. Maybe that's why girls always tell one another about their personal problems.
'Well, it's getting common isn't it? Many couples are breaking up recently.'
'They have been together for quite long. About three months plus.'
Three months and you called that long? It's not even longer than a semester. Perhaps the people involved will usually find it longer than it seemed to be. I am a counsellor in school and people often approach me for all kinds of interpersonal problems. Maybe that's why I have another point of view.
'If they were meant to be together, they will be together. Sometimes not being together is a good thing. For couples that are not suited for each other, forcing them to be together is a painful thing.'


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To me, fate is like a legend; Everyone talks about it, rant about it, thank God about it, but when it comes to relationships, I had never gotten myself a girlfriend, so I know nuts about it.
'Er... You could say that?'
'Then are we fated to know each other?'
I hated it whenever girls corner me with questions where neither Yes nor No is the right answer. Just when I am stuck thinking of a good reply, my mum saved me by appearing at the door and demanding that I finish the leftover food.
'Hey, I have to go off for supper. I'll answer you another day. Come on, give me a smile? I'll treat you to a movie next time.'
'You promised:) I'll see you online tomorrow then.'
Well, it seemed that the treating trick always works. Hey, it means that I can make use of this excuse to catch a movie with her! I am such a fast learner.
'Ok! Bye bye!'
The next thing I see is the 'Disconnect' word on my computer. Grinning from ear to ear, I skipped my way into the kitchen.

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