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Ideas For Long Distance Relationships


Instant Message each other everyday.

Write letters to each other. Attach photos or spray their favourite perfume on it.
Send Him/Her a Message in A Bottle

Send them handmade calender with photos and markings of the special days to the both of you.

Talk to each other on web cam everyday.

Deliver their favourite food to them!

Send a package with a CD of the songs you listened to together the last time you were together. Send some of his or her favorite candy, and something memorable like a little stuffed toy.

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Have flowers delivered to him/her.
Send Flowers to Her at

Dedicate a webpage/blog to him/her while he/she is away.

Send your partner a cute love e card!

Write each other a Love Poem

Send romantic text messages to each other.

Leave voice memos for him/her while he /she is away and send it to him/her.

Have a Web Cam date where you can have dinner/play games/watch movies together.

Share pictures of your daily life together with him/her.


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Send him/her gifts such as chocolates, cakes or even fine wine internationally.
Send Gifts to Him/Her internationally

Make a count down calender and give it to him.her before he/she goes away.

Play online games together.

Last but not least, if you miss him/her too much, show up at his/her doorstep and it'll cure all signs of lovesickness!


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