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Dolce Vita Part 3

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I was trying to concentrate on my Physics notes at midnight... F = ma, v = u + at...
As these equations ran through my head, I wonder how is it we can explain nature with just a few formulas and equations and accept it as science. If that is the case, why aren't we unable to accept astrology and palmistry and label them as superstition instead? In my opinion, science should be only one of the ways to explain what goes on around us. Therefore, if we can’t explain something through science, it doesn't necessary mean that's it is superstition.

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As it approaches 1a.m., I decided that since I can't get anything into my head, I shall try my luck on online to look for her.
"Slorr, you here?"
"Finally... Good night to you. :)"
'Finally'? What a strange word to use here. What is she doing here at this hour? I guessed she must be feeling down again.
"Yes. It is fate that brought me to you at this moment."
I am trying very hard to convince her that I am slightly romantic.
"Slorr, this has nothing to do with fate. I already waited for you for an hour."
"Are you sure or not? What for?"
"I was waiting to talk to you. Otherwise, I can't sleep..."
"Are you sick? If you are please go and see the doctor. :)"
"Slorr, let's continue our topic. What do you think of relationships that started from the internet?"
Oh my god. How should I answer her now?
"It's… It's very romantic..."
I am indeed not a good liar. Even my words are shaking.
"Slorr, you are bluffing. You said you were not romantic."
Game Over! I am finished! I guess I have no choice but to drown my sorrows with Tye.
"Slorr, are you lagging? Or are you simply ignoring me?"
"No. I was just wondering why is tonight’s sky so beautiful."
"No no no. Don’t try to avoid the topic..."
Sigh. I give up. I asked for it myself.
"Actually, I think relationships that start from cyberspace are Romantic because romance gives people an impression of being unreal and cyberspace is in a virtual space."
"Slorr, that's interesting..."

"Online web surfers keep a safe distance from each other and they can be categorised as three types of people. The first type presents themselves online with their 'secondary personality'. Usually all of us consist of multiple personalities and we usually present ourselves to the world with our 'primary personality' in everyday life. The secondary personality is usually suppressed and we might not realize the existence of this secondary personality within us. The internet is the place where this side of us is revealed, both intentionally or without conscious knowledge."
"Is it true? What about the second type?"
"The second type consists of those who will transform themselves into the kind of man/woman he/she would want to be. There's bound to be one or two characteristics that you admire particularly. However, sometimes it is too bad that we don’t possess these characteristics in the real life. Cyberspace is the perfect location for this transformation to occur."
"Slorr, are you bluffing me? What about type three?"
"I am not bluffing you. I read about this from an article in Times magazine! Type three consists of people who will transform themselves into characters which are impossible for them to become in real life. For example, if you are a girl, you may act as a man online. You may even become Batman or Superman if you want."
"Hmm... That’s pretty amazing."
"The first type is the 'faithful' type, because he presented his actual personality online.
The second type is the 'foolish' type, because he knows only how to admire others, but ends up forgetting about his strengths. The third type is the 'pathetic' type, because he is wishing for something impossible."
"Slorr, then what type do you belong to? What about me?"
"I don’t wish to believe you are type three because I am not. I crossed the possibility of you being type one because it is too common and I think you are special. In addition, the fact that I was able to attract you made me think that I am at least a bit special. Hence, I feel that we belong to type two."
"Type two? Then who do you wish to become?"
I would certainly like to become a person like Tye who is humorous, romantic and eloquent as I lacked these qualities.
"What about me Slorr?"
"You? I don’t know. You want to Fly and Dance, and this probably means that you wish to fully enjoy your youth while you can. However, if this is something you wish and yet you can't achieve, then there are two possibilities. One, you are aging. Two, you are leaving the world."

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I think I said something wrong because she stopped replying me. I began to blame myself for being a pervert for talking to her about these things. I should have discussed with her about the latest celebrities' gossip instead. Damn that Times magazine. It poisoned my mind. I thought that she might be lagging so I waited for a reply. The wait went on for several minutes but it felt like several hours. I wanted to apologize but did not know how to start until she finally replied with this message.
"Slorr, let’s meet up."
Without hesitation, I used the hand that I had used for eighteen years to wipe my ass and typed 'OK'.

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