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Dolce Vita Part 4

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I am supposed to meet FlyNDance tonight at 8 p.m. at the entrance of Mac Donald’s. According to Tye, that's the best time and place to meet a girl whom you have never met before as they would have taken their dinner by that time and we can simply go inside and have some fries and coke. She will be dressed in a coffee theme attire and I will be wearing my usual blues. This is our way of identifying each other. She told me she’s not a 'cute girl'. I told her I didn’t mind as I do not look like Brad Pitt either and she replied that she didn’t have any hopes of that happening.

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"Slorr, you are early."
While I was idling, a girl tapped my shoulders from my back. Although I was already mentally prepared for anything that's going to appear in front of me, I was still astonished by this girl who stood in front of me. If it wasn’t for the coffee theme and that 'Slorr', I would think she is only asking for directions because she is one of those pretty girls that I might accidentally bump into when I am lucky on Orchard Road. In spite of the wonderful surprise that could have given me a concussion, my mind was extraordinarily calm.
"Already had your dinner? I think we should go inside Mac Donald’s first."
"You are pretty smart. This is indeed a good way to save money."
Haha! She knows me so well! I can only smile back innocently at her remarks. Since she's so pretty, I ordered two large cokes and fries.
"Thank you for your treat this time. Next time, I'll treat you back."
I m not falling for that, Miss... But I was glad she mentioned 'next time'.
"Slorr, are you disappointed when you saw me just now?"
Disappointed? Are you drunk?
"Why do you think I will be disappointed?"
"Because I told you I am not cute. Hence, you must be quite disappointed when you saw me…"
She is making zero sense but I know she is just trying to imply that she's actually cute.
"Then why did you have to lie that you are not cute?"
"Slorr, I said that I am not cute but I didn't say I am not pretty."
"But you are also quite... Decent looking... You do not look like what you described to me either.”
'Decent'? What a vague word. In the eyes of many girls, decent equals boring. One good thing about her that she didn't lie to me is the fact that she keeps her hair long. She also has a fair complexion which reminds me of the High-Low milk which I drink almost daily.

I found out she is from Anglo-Chinese Junior College but she spent her first three months in Anderson Junior College. We sat in front of each other and talked about many things. We talk about her obsession with coffee as well as my hobby of watching movies. By the way, she completely shook off my misconception that pretty girls are usually brainless. She appears to be an attractive girl, both physically and character wise. It was like a dream come true talking to her and having her smiling at me.

We left Mac Donald’s at around 10 p.m. Since it was still early, I decided to send her home and fortunately, she stays at Ang Mo Kio which is two MRT stops away from mine. I would have second thoughts about sending her home if she's staying at Pasir Ris.
"Congratulations Slorr! From now on, you are officially permitted to date me."
She said this before the lift closes.

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When I am back at home, I realized that I hadn't asked for her real name. I thought it could be due to the influence of that stupid Tye.
Tye once told me, "Never ask a pretty girl for her name the first time you meet her because there are already too many wolves out there dying to know. Hence, she will be more interested in you if you play hard to get."
Then why didn't she ask for mine? I hope there’s no female version of Tye telling her not to.

Before I knew it, it’s 1 a.m. and time to meet her in #ajcrr.
"Hi! Are you tired Slorr?"
Of course I am tired by all the surprises that she presented me with. I would have gone straight for my bed if not for her. However, why is she online too? Isn't she tired as well?
"I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you?"
"Are you crazy Slorr? It’s only been two hours since just now. Do you miss me already?"
"A) Yes B) Of course C) If not, what else? D) Dying to see you E) All of the above” “The answer is E. :)"
She must have been really tired as even the smiling face seemed to be yawning at me right now.
"Do you want to go for a movie tomorrow?"
I hope that since she is half-asleep, she will agree on another date be readily.
"There shouldn’t be any problem. What show do you have in mind?"
Hooray! I cheered for her fatigue.
"Let’s decide on the show tomorrow. Anyway, the important thing is who I am watching the show with and not what show I am watching."
That is Tye's favourite line and I was just borrowing it.
"You should get some sleep."
"Give me a moment. You haven't given me a reply on whether you are tired or not?"
"I am ok. I am quite tired. What about you?"
"I am exhausted. However, I have to say good night to you first. Else, I won’t be able to sleep."
"Me too."
I can't believe I am doing this Silly business right now.
"Ok. Let’s log offline together at the count of three."
"Ok. Good night Slorr."
"Same to you."

I never talk whenever I am inside a cinema, and now is the best time for my mouth to take a break. Hence, I spent the subsequent three hours to admire this much-talked-about movie of the century - Titanic. I am not a romantic person so it’s perfectly understandable if I can't really appreciate this motion picture fully other than those stunning special effects. But something ignited in me when I heard what Jack said to Rose before he sank into the deep ocean.
"Rose, listen to me. Listen. Winning that ticket was the best thing that had happened to me. It brought me to you… And I m thankful, Rose... I m thankful...."
Suddenly I felt much more fortunate than Jack because I don’t have to risk my life to board the Titanic to be with the one I love. All I have to do is to switch on my PC every night. However, he's one lucky guy too because he knows how to draw. When I saw him drawing a naked Rose slowly, I blamed myself for the lack of this talent.

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