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Dolce Vita Part 5

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On the other hand, this movie wasn’t just about drawings or special effects to FlynDance. I noticed her holding a packet of tissue papers in her hands throughout the movie and just when Rose said, "I promise... I will never let go, Jack... I’ll never let go...” she opened up her sling bag and used her backup handkerchief (she exhausted her supply of tissue paper) to wipe off the tears that were streaming down her face. Damn that Celine Dion. Why on earth did she have to sing that "My Heart Will Go On" at the end of the show? For all the females inside the theatre, it was equivalent to "My Tears Will Also Go On".

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"Ok. Movie ended. Let’s go...."
I stood up and spoke to her gently. She remained in her seat and looked at me with her beautiful eyes. After a while, she said...
"Slorr, the movie has ended... But life goes on. Am I right?"
I nodded my head. However, I wished somebody might give me a clue on what she was saying. After some time, we finally made our way away from the movie theatre. Since it was still early, we decided to take a walk down Orchard Road. Along the way, she seemed unusually quiet. I guess Tye was right about the 'Titanic Flu'. He said that girls often get mentally distressed after watching the movie and it is the best time to launch an emotional attack on her. That is also the same reason why Tye have watched Titanic for about five times. As we walk further, I noticed her eyes were focused on the path or the crowds but I knew Titanic was still on her mind. She was sinking with the ship and was waiting for someone to pull her up. I kept my mouth shut because I knew I am not a good swimmer.

As we walked past a shopping centre, she suddenly came to a stop in front of a Christian Dior counter.
"Slorr, have you ever read a novel by the name 'Fragrance'?"
"Erm... Nope. Why did you ask?"
"Look at this 'Dolce Vita' from Christian Dior. This is what the guy bought for her girlfriend in the novel on her birthday. He told her 'Dolce Vita' is French for 'Sweet Times'".
She pointed to a bottle of perfume at the counter but I was more interested at the price tag around the neck of the bottle.
"Oh. Is it?"
"Slorr, do you consider today as 'Sweet Times'?"
"At first I do. However, some points are deducted since you started crying."
"That means it can only be considered slightly sweet. I’ll buy the small bottle then..."
I insisted on paying for the perfume as her birthday present from me since I know her birthday is coming soon. This saves me the trouble of finding a present for her. Luckily it is just perfume. I would have to pawn my underwear if that guy in the novel gives her girlfriend a diamond or gold bar."
"Are you hungry? Do you want to sit down and have something to eat?"
"I don’t have appetite. What about you?"
"You eat, I eat."
Her eyes turned red again. I am such a fool.

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We finally got away from the noisy crowd at the MRT station and were walking on one of the streets to her house. It is so quiet that I can even hear the rhythm of her heartbeat.
"Slorr, do you know the correct way of applying perfume?"
I shook my head. In fact, I had never used a perfume or cologne before. I might have used medicated oil on my body before though.
"First you apply some behind your ears. Then you apply some on your neck and wrists. After that, spray some onto the air and walk through it..."
"Are you sure? If that is the case, this little bottle won’t even be able to last you for three days..."
"Slorr... Shall we try?"
"'We'? You go ahead. I am a guy."
She opened up the bottle of perfume and sprayed behind her ears, on her neck then the wrist. Following that, she really sprayed some perfume into the air!
Woah! That was expensive!
She stretched out her hands and faced up as if enjoying the raindrops falling on her face.
"This is so fun Slorr! It’s your turn now."
"Get ready Slorr. I am going to spray again!"
I imitated her and walked through my first perfume rain with my face up.
"Let’s have another round Slorr!"
"What! Are you serious?"
My money isn't easy to come by! Before I could collect the broken pieces of my heart, she made us go through the same procedure together and I could feel the coldness of her fingers. I guess it was due to the perfume. She was hoping around excitedly like her nickname. She looked like a flying and dancing butterfly. It was late at night but the street smells unusually nicer now that we finished using the whole bottle of Dolce Vita.
"Dolce Vita is exhausted. I guess the sweet times shall end now too. I’ll go home now. I won’t be online tonight at 1 a.m. and you are not allowed to do so too."
"Huh? Why?"
"I will see you online at 12 p.m. tomorrow. I will explain to you tomorrow. Remember... Go online at 12 p.m."
She turned and walked into the lift to her home. At the same time, I saw an obvious pink patch behind her neck. It is only visible now because she had tied up her hair. I looked up at her window on the fourth floor from below but her room remained dark.

When I reached home, I switched off the lights in my room and engulfed myself in absolute darkness. I wished to feel like what she is feeling right now. I realized that in the complete darkness, it is easy to become lonely. She must be feeling lonely right now. Suddenly, I saw an image of a beautiful butterfly turning into ashes amidst a sea of flames. I could also see a patch of pink on the butterfly turning red then burgundy. I felt cold and shaky. The coolness seemed to project itself straight from my heart. I could feel my heart pounding as the clock approaches 1 a.m. I suddenly thought of a solution.
Use A Different Nickname!!
I logged in onto #ajcrr with another nickname but she wasn't there. My heart continued pounding but there was nothing I could do.

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