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Dolce Vita Part 8

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"It’s late. Go to bed.” My mum was nagging at me again.
"Ok. Give me ten more minutes."
FlyNDance had left for more than two months. I still logged in online at 1 a.m. every night onto the channel #Dolce-Vita which I had created. Slorr and FlyNDance are the only two nicknames inside. Although she won't be able to fly and dance in real life anymore, I still wish that she could continue to do so in the virtual world. Even Tye had given up on me...
"She's gone, why are you still doing this? What is this for?!"
Even if that's the case, I can't allow her soul to be left in the corner of loneliness. She said that she hated the feeling of being alone.

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I could still remember the heavy downpour on that day. When I reached the hospital, they told me a coffee butterfly flew away from her room at around 1 a.m. the previous night. I couldn't remember anything that happened after that. I just knew that I stood at the bus stop for a whole day and I was all wet because of the rain.

I've been trying very hard not to think of her for the past two months. I've been hoping that her face won't appear in my mind every time I breathe. However, it's like hoping that the sky isn't blue; the grass isn't green; the stars do not twinkle at night. Basically, I was hoping for something impossible to happen. I can't believe that I am a Type two, even in real life. Did I cry? No Way! I said it before. I am not a romantic person and this may be due to the deficiency in the hormones that constitutes emotions. Whenever I feel an influx of tears, I'll browse through those 'Fwd: Jokes...' My attention will then be shifted to those dim-wit and low-class jokes. Everything is back to the way it was before I met her nine months ago. Tye is still flirting around, and I am still the old decent or dull me. But I stopped taking coffee and eat regular breakfast everyday.

"Xing, is this for you?"
My mum handed me a letter she picked up in the mailbox this morning. I was surprised when I saw the words 'To: Slorr' written on the envelope. I opened it up and there was a piece of writing inside together with another coffee coloured envelope.


I am FlyNDance's sister, I think this is how you addressed her. Although we have met before, I am sorry that I do not know your real name.

When I was packing her stuff a few days ago, I found this letter with your name and address already written on it. Hence, I posted it to you because I believe this is what my sister intended to do.

Best wishes,
Xiao Wen

The letter was sent three days ago. I examined the coffee coloured envelope.

'To: Slorr'

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It was followed by my home address. The handwriting was a lot nicer and the words seemed to be moving swiftly like in a joyful dance. I had no time to figure out how she got my home address. Did I give her in one of my emails? I tried to control my trembling hands as I slowly opened the coffee coloured envelope. I found a photo and a movie ticket stub inside. Apart from these, there was a blue letter. The letter has the familiar Dolce Vita fragrance on it. The photo showed her standing on a piece of grassland wearing the same coffee themed attire on our first meeting at Mac Donald’s. Something was written at the back of it...

Dear Slorr,

Coffee represents Pisces. That's me. Blue represents Sagittarius. That's you. A blue letter inside a coffee coloured envelope. Do you know what I mean?

Seeing me, do you feel like drinking coffee now? Stop drooling!

I smiled bitterly. The content of the blue letter is simple.

If I have one more day to live, I want to be your girlfriend. Do I have one more day? No. Too bad. I can't be your girlfriend. Not in this life.
If I have wings, I want to fly down from paradise just to see you. Do I have wings? No. Sadly. I can never see you again.
If all the water is drawn out of the bath tub, it’s still impossible to extinguish the flame of love between us. Can all the water in a bath-tub be drawn out? Yes. That’s why I Love You.


My heart was torn apart as tears broke through the dam I have constructed a long time ago. As proud and emotionless as I was, I couldn't withdraw the salty wetness that streamed down my face. She has changed my 'little theory' and gotten back what I had owed her. She got back my two months worth of tears.


Titanic won eleven awards at the Oscars, including best picture. Despite that, there wasn’t a happy ending for Rose as Kate Winslet didn’t win the best actress award. It makes me wonder whether Jack should hold on to Rose and 'Never let go' in the real life. Maybe he shouldn't be worried about this because that beautiful coffee butterfly will continue to fly and dance in my heart. Forever...

~ The End ~

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