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Dolce Vita Part 1

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Dolce Vita (French) – Sweet Times
I met her on the net. How? I can't remember, but it seems to me that it is this 'little theory' which I declared in cyberspace that caught her attention.

"If I have a million dollars, I would buy a house. Do I have a million?"
"No. That's why I don't have a house."
"If I have wings, I can fly. Do I have wings?"
"No. So I can never fly."
"If all the water is drawn out of the Pacific Ocean, it’s still impossible to extinguish the flame of love between us. Can all the water of the Pacific Ocean be drawn out?"
"No. That’s why I don't love you."

That's me, a typical science student. First, you come up with an assumption and then you fit in a suitable conclusion. If the proposed assumption doesn't stand at all, then everything is just bullshit. I guess this is what they call 'unromantic'. But she is an exception. She actually emailed me and said that I am an 'interesting' person.
'Interesting’? What a word to use on me.
It's like using 'faithful' on Mr. Clinton. I thought this girl must be a low-IQ organism or suffering from serious brain damage.

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Anyway, her nickname doesn't seem so bad. - FlyNDance -
That’s quite a unique one. However, I warned myself: Hello, this is the virtual world of internet. Who knows what might be lurking behind a beautiful nickname. Speaking from experience, most of the time it will be a 'dinosaur' in disguise. The only difference will be whether it is a carnivore or an herbivore. Nevertheless, I know she is way different from a 'dinosaur'. She is special.

Hence, I guess it’s time for me to tell you more about FlyNDance. Ever since she emailed me to tell me that I am 'interesting', I find myself always hoping to meet her in #ajcrr in mirc. Too bad, lady luck was not on my side. Therefore, I can only reply her email to tell her that I will try to train myself to become an 'interesting' person, just to show that she is far-sighted. She replied my reply, I replied her reply to my reply and she again replied my reply to her reply. Blah blah blah.... Oh no, I just started a chain-reaction!

Actually what I am most interested in is this 'paragraph' she wrote in one of the emails.
'I danced slightly amidst the crowd.’
‘You glanced at me with surprise or maybe admiration. It wasn't going to stop my rhythm.’
'Because it's not your glance that made me dance, it's my heart of youth.'
I simply cannot relate this gal to any of the 'dinosaurs'. But if she is really a ‘dinosaur’, I am willing to let her have her fill.

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Unfortunately, my best pal Tye noticed my little affair with FlyNDance, and has been perpetually warning me about her.
"Hello!!! You don't even know how she looks like. Why take the risk? Maybe 'she' is a guy! Haha!"
I can't blame Tye for his ignorance. Ever since he was dumped by Sally in Secondary Four, he has become a renowned 'playboy'.
He fits the saying which goes: "Once bitten, Twice shy".
In this case, after Tye was bitten, he has mastered the art of skinning snakes alive and making soup with them. However, I got to admit he has all the qualities to be a playboy. I always consider him the nineteen year old version of Brad Pitt. Tall, handsome and equipped with a glib tongue, he sweet talks every woman that he targets. I don't think he can even remember how many girlfriends he had.

I went online that night, log on to mirc and went to #ajcrr and... Yes! She is there! Before I could get over the shock and was still in a daze, she sent me a message.
"Hey Slorr, it’s pretty late. Haven't sleep??"
Now what? Now what?! Ok ok, I have to calm myself down first. I swallowed a lump in my throat and took a few deep breaths. Where is that Tye when I needed him the most? At such a crucial moment, I need somebody to tell me what to say to her. How am I going to attract her with my pathetic humour?
"Slorr... I’m in a foul mood today... I can't sleep... What about you?"

Slorr was my mirc nickname that Tye thought of for me. Having seen it appear twice in a row on the chat room made me feel disgusted. Tye’s remark to coming up with that nickname was, "Who knows? It might attract some innocent gals into talking to you. Haha…"

"I am not feeling very good too. Thus, let's be sad together."
I finally squeezed a sentence out. However, I can already feel droplets of sweat forming on my forehead as the tension did not ease. Actually I’m not in a bad mood. I just wanted to follow up on her topic.
Moreover, if she asks me for the reason that I’m feeling down, I can say, "Since you are feeling down, how can I be happy?"
I know it sounds mushy, but Tye said, "Being Mushy Is The Fundamental To All Courtship."
He also said that, “Girls are very weird species; they trust their ears far more than their eyes. So instead of doing ten things to impress her, why not just say a sentence to move her?”

"Ok. But you haven't greet me yet."
Damn It! How can I forget about basic manners? And they actually address me as 'Mr Courteous' in school. If this thing ever leaks out in school, I would lose all my female fans.
"Hello, nice to meet you. I miss your long hair."
I've been wishing that she has long hair.

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