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Dolce Vita Part 7

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"Slorr, you are here!"
"Yes, nice weather today isn't it?"
"Yeah. The sky is also very beautiful. Hee hee."
Tonight’s sky is so beautiful… I can still remember this was the conversation we had in #ajcrr. Despite the beautiful sky, she didn't realize that it rained today.
"Slorr, why are you standing there? Please sit down."
Thanks for reminding me. I just found out that my legs were numbed from standing for several hours.
"Slorr, you have lost weight."
Me? I thought I should be the one to tell her this!?
"Slorr, are you hungry? Have you had your lunch? The food here isn't good. That's why patients like me always slim down a bit. Apart from that, it's quite ok. However, sometimes I feel really bored without a PC here to talk to you."
"Slorr, how's your mid year examinations? I am sure you did very well right?"

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Wait A Minute! You are the one who's lying on the bed right now! And yet, I have no questions for her. I realized it is because I was there to see her and not to find out the answers to those questions. Maybe now is the time for me to utter some touching lines like what you usually see in the movies. On the other hand, I am not a romantic person. Moreover, movies are fictional. Life isn't. I simply wished that she could leave this place as soon as possible and go back home, back to Anglo-Chinese Junior College and back to where she belonged. I promised she would never be alone anymore because I will always be there for her.

After a while, her mum was here to see her. She looked slightly overweight and was in her early fifties. Other than her cheerful smile, she didn't really remind me of FlyNDance.

"Erm… I think I've got to go now. Bye bye auntie."
"I'll be here again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... Until you leave this place..."
Before I went back home, I went to buy that Christian Dior Dolce Vita perfume. I got the largest bottle this time so that she can even swim in it. I tried not to sleep that night as I wanted to go to her as soon as morning arrives.

"You are here Slorr. I've been waiting for you for a long time."
"Did you have a good night rest?"
"Oh. I didn't allow myself to fall into a deep sleep because I know you won't wake me up when you are here."
"Then you should take a good rest now."
"Erm… I don't think I can since you are here already."
I gave her the Dolce Vita and we agreed that we would dance in the perfume rain in front of the hospital’s main entrance on the day she's discharged. I didn’t dare to look straight at her while making the agreement because of the butterfly mark on her face.

I only found out last night before I left the hospital that she's suffering from an illness called Erysipelas. It is otherwise known to the layman as the Butterfly Disease. I decided that I like the coffee butterfly that is able to dance around freely and not that pinkish red butterfly that settled on her pale complexion.

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"Slorr, why are you looking at me and not talking?"
I didn't know how to answer her question as I couldn’t tell her that I noticed she is getting weaker physically and I have a bad feeling about it.
"Slorr, I am thirsty. Can you get me a drink?"
I am not leaving her at this moment as I can still remember a movie where a guy went all the way to get red bean soup for his girlfriend who's on the sickbed, only to find her lying silently on the bed, never to wake up again when he gets back.
"Are you trying to get rid of me like what's in that movie?"
"Slorr, movie is movie, life is life..."
Movie? Life?
"But I thought you just had a drink? Anyway, what can I get for you?"
"Ultimate Ice Blended!"
This is a hospital! Did she think I can find Coffee Bean everywhere on this island? What's more, coffee isn't suitable for her at this point of time.
"Erm... Coffee isn't good for health. Please order something else ok?”
"I’m glad that you know coffee isn't good for the body too. Then you should cut down on your coffee intake too. Ok?"
I saw her smile appearing and there's a glimmer in her eyes. I realized that she was just trying to tell me not to drink too much coffee in future.

My heart aches upon hearing her words of concern for me. This is not good. Mucus has started to fill my nose. If this doesn’t stop, tears might start streaming down my face in front of her. I recall the chapter on reservoirs and dams in the physics textbook. I quickly applied the knowledge on myself to control my flood of tears.

"Ok, I promise. I'll try my best."
"And try to sleep earlier in the future and don't skip breakfast."
"It's important to you and don't be too obsessed with blue. It makes you look troubled and..."
This doesn't sound good. It's as if she is giving her final instructions before she goes. I can't bear to let her continue.
"Ok ok. I'll go get a drink for you right away."
"Slorr, is the vending machine far away? If it is, then it’s ok. I don't want it anymore."
Using mental calculation, I reckon a typical man would take sixty-seven steps while a typical woman would take eighty-five steps to reach the vending machine right at the corner. Taking into consideration the time taken to purchase the drink, I would probably take about 1.8 to 2.1 minutes. It really isn’t very far.
"Quite near."
"Slorr, please come back quick. I don't want to be alone for too long. I hate that feeling."
I didn't answer her. I just increased my pace...

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