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It Was You All Along Part 18 to 19

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Part 18

[School, the Next Day]
Sung Hoon stopped by Kyung Hee's locker. He forgot to discuss with her if they are going to pretend to be a couple in school or not.
'I hope so. Maybe I'll get to kiss her again,' he thought with a smile. Then he saw Ji Won walking up to him.
"What are you doing here?" Ji Won gave him a smirk.
"I transferred here. I just want to know for sure if you and Kyung Hee have been dating."

Sung Hoon began to sweat.
'Uh oh.'
"Of course we have and it's been for a long time too." Ji Won gave him a look that showed Sung Hoon that he didn't believe a word he said.
"Oh really? Then let me ask someone." Ji Won grabbed Su Won as he was walking by.
"Hey you. Who is So Kyung Hee's boyfriend?" Sung Hoon looked at Su Won.
"Oh that's easy! It's Kang Sung Hoon."
"It is?"
"Yeah," said Su Won. "They've been together forever. They're like a married couple!" Ji Won let Su Won go.
"See?" said Sung Hoon with a cocky smile.
"So what?" Ji Won snapped back.
"She acts and looks like a guy anyways."
"Sung Hoon honey!"

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Sung Hoon and Ji Won turned around to see who was calling Sung Hoon. Both of them did a double take. It was Kyung Hee and she looked damn fine. Her hair was put up but strands fell down layering her face. She was wearing a light blue slip dress that emphasized her great figure and matching platforms. The school's tomboy had just turned into the school's prom queen. She looked like an angel. Sung Hoon couldn't take his eyes off of her. Neither could Ji Won.


"Sung Hoon!" She went up and kissed him on the cheek.
"Are you waiting for me?" Sung Hoon finally snapped out of it.
"Uh...yeah." Then he leaned over to give her a real kiss.
'I can kiss her anytime I want to now that she's my girlfriend,' he thought. Heh heh. Kyung Hee turned around.
"Oh hi Ji Won. What are you doing here?" Ji Won looked at her awkwardly.
"Um... Hi Kyung Hee. I just transferred here. You sure look pretty today." Kyung Hee gave him a smile.
"Thanks. Well nice seeing you. Sung Hoon and I have to go to class now. Bye.." Sung Hoon wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to class, leaving Ji Won looking after them.

As they entered the door, Jae Jin and Jae Duc ran up to Sung Hoon. But then they saw Kyung Hee. Jae Jin gave her a little smile.
"Hi. I'm Lee Jae Jin. I'm single and ready to mingle. And you are?" Kyung Hee rolled her eyes. Then it was Jae Duc's turn.
"Can I check your dress to see if you were made in heaven?"
"It's me Kyung Hee. And those were the lamest lines I've ever heard." Jae Jin and Jae Duc opened their mouths in shock.
"No way!" yelled Jae Jin.
"But you're a girl!"
"I've always been a girl!"
"You know what Kyung Hee? I've always had a crush on you," Jae Duc said to her sweetly.
"Back off guys," said Sung Hoon.
"She's my girl." Jae Duc pouted his lips.
"Damn it figures."

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Then Ji Won came in.
'Damn,' he thought.
'She never looked this good before.' He wanted her back and he always gets his way...

Part 19

The next two weeks went by fast. Sung Hoon acted like the perfect boyfriend. He treated her nice and was always there by her side with flowers. Her parents like him a lot. Before Sung Hoon knew it, his dating charade with Kyung Hee was over and so was school. Her parents stayed until their graduation and then afterwards they took a plane back to the U.S. Then entire graduated class decided to go on a campout because it will be the last time they will see each other since everyone is going their separate way to college.

[The Camping Trip]
Everyone was sitting around the campfire and talking. Chun Ok had sat herself between Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee. Ji Won was watching Kyung Hee the whole time. Jae Duc was telling a scary story about a psychotic killer in the woods.

“He goes around chopping off peoples’ heads and he especially likes girls. Heh heh…” Jae Jin threw a stick at him.
“That’s a stupid story Duc-ee.” Ji Yong threw in more wood into the fire.
“But I heard it’s true though.” Su Won widened his eyes.
“For real?” Sung Hoon laughed.
“Oh come on. It’s a bunch of bull. Even if it is for real, he’ll just be after the girls.
”He gave Kyung Hee a supposedly scary face but it turned out so goofy she ended up laughing. Chun Ok grabbed onto Sung Hoon though.
“Sung Hoonee! I’m scared. Hold me.” Sung Hoon was taken by surprise. He tried to pry Chun Ok off him but she held on tight. Kyung Hee glared at them both.
‘That Casanova. Just because everytime he smiles his eyes would light up and his hair is so soft he thinks he’s...‘ Kyung Hee stopped herself.
‘What am I thinking? It sounds like I want him or something.’ She stood up.
“Excuse me but I think I’ll got to go off for a walk.” Then she left.

Ji Won stood up too.
“I think I’ll take a walk too.” That alarmed Sung Hoon.
‘He is not going to take a walk with my Kyung Hee.’ He ended up having to force Chun Ok off of him and ran to where he saw Kyung Hee disappeared. Chun Ok was mad.
“Kang Sung Hoon, you come back here!” Everyone at the campfire started giggling.

[Somewhere in the woods]
Kyung Hee looked around her.
‘It figures. Sung Hoon wouldn’t come after me,’ she thought sadly.
‘I mean why would he?’ Then she heard a voice.
“Kyung Hee!” She smiled and turned around. It was only Ji Won. Her face fell.
“Oh hi Ji Won.”

He sat down on a rock next to her.
“Aren’t you going to come back to take Sung Hoon away from the Chun Ok girl?” She shook her head.
“No… I guess they’re mean to be together.” Ji Won looked at her.
“Kind of like you and me?” Kyung Hee scooted herself away as her eyes widened.
“Uh, Ji Won. It’s over between us.” Ji Won grabbed her hands.
“But you can give me a second chance!” She pulled her hands away.
Then Ji Won asked her, “Remember what you told me what you wished for a long time ago?
“You said you wanted to find your first true love and be with him forever.” Kyung Hee stood still. She did say that. Ji Won was her first love. But then she thought of Sung Hoon. Or is it Sung Hoon?
“I don’t know!” she yelled as she took off running. Ji Won smiled.
‘She’s coming back to me.’


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