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It Was You All Along Part 12 to 13

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Part 12

Sung Hoon waited for Kyung Hee after school but didn’t see her so he decided to drop by her house. She wasn’t home but her grandpa was.

“Sung Hoon! Long time no see! Come in.”
“Hi Grandpa So. Is Kyung Hee home?”
“No. She told me she’s going out with her boyfriend.”
“Boyfriend? Who is he?”

Grandpa So gave him a little smile.
“Sung Hoon. You’re old now. Don’t tease an old man. You and Kyung Hee still pretend to hate each other while you both know that you both have a burning attraction.”
“Attraction?! Hell NO!” Grandpa So just smiled.
“Okay I’ll just play along. She’ll be home later. The sooner you meet up with her the sooner you’ll see her.” Sung Hoon smiled and shook his head. Grandpa So always wanted him and Kyung Hee to be together.
“Okay. Good bye Grandpa So.”
“Bye Sung Hoon.”

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[8 hours later…]
Sung Hoon banged on the So’s front door. Grandpa So answered it.
“Is Kyung Hee home?” Grandpa So yawned.
“No. Where is she?”
“I don’t know! I wasn’t with her.”
“It’s okay Sung Hoon. She’s a big girl now. She can take care of herself.”
“It’s late. It’s past midnight right now. Aren’t you worried? What kind of grandfather are you?”
“Kyung Hee’s been out this late for the past two months. Why are you so worried?” Sung Hoon blushed.
“I’m not worried.” Grandpa So yawned some more.
“You can wait here if you want.”
“No. I”ll go out and look for her,” said Sung Hoon. Then he left.

Sung Hoon began to walk down the street. He sat on the curb and waited. Ten minutes later he saw Kyung Hee walking up the path with a dreamy look on her face. He was so happy to see her but he was also very mad. He ran up to her.

“What is wrong with you? What is a girl like you doing out so late on a school night?” Kyung Hee looked at him surprised.
“None of your business.” Then she began walking home. He followed her. Sung Hoon knew he couldn’t ask but the thought of Kyung Hee with another guy was tearing at him inside.
“Well your grandpa was worried.”
“I can take care of myself.” They made it home together in silence. Kyung Hee came home and closed the door. Sung Hoon watched her go in and saw the door as a sign.
‘She has shut me out of her life forever.’

Part 13


A couple more weeks had pass. With Sung Hoon’s popularity, he used everyone he could to find out who Kyung Hee was dating. But it was no use. No one was able to find out. He broke up with Chun Ok and she knew it was because of Kyung Hee too. She was mad but wasn’t able to do anything to Kyung Hee because she was threatened by Sung Hoon. She was also afraid of Kyung Hee too. Not knowing who Kyung Hee was dating was bothering Sung Hoon so much he couldn’t sleep. There was only one thing left for him to do. Spy on her…

It was 11 p.m. Kyung Hee left her house and took a taxi. Sung Hoon began to follow her silently in his car. It took twenty minutes. Then, Sung Hoon saw Kyung Hee get off at a park. He parked his car away from her view and got out of his car. He snuck up to a bush nearby and watched her. Then he saw her run up to a strange guy he has never seen before.
‘I wonder who he is.’ Then Sung Hoon began to analyze Kyung Hee.
‘Figured she wouldn’t dress up. Not even for a date.’
“Miss Tomboy.”
“Ji Won honey!” Kyung Hee ran up to hug her boyfriend.
“I miss you. I also have something to tell you.”
“I miss you too.” Ji Won held her. He tried to stroke her hair but like always, it was tucked inside that stupid baseball cap. Kyung Hee looked at him. He didn’t seem to happy to see her.
“Is something wrong?” she asked. Ji Won nodded and told her to sit down. He held both of her hands.

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“Is there something you want to say Kyung Hee?”
“You go first Ji Won.”
“It’s us. I don’t think it’s working out.”
“Well… We’re not compatible.”
“What do you mean? We like the same things.” Ji Won gave an exasperated sigh.
“We like the same things that guy buddies should like. Not like couples. I thought I’d get over it but you’re really not attractive.”
“What?!” she asked in surprise.
“I mean look at you Kyung Hee. I mean sure you’re pretty, I think. But I can’t tell it from your hat covering half your face. I don’t even know how long your hair is! And you dress like a guy!” and he continued listing her bad qualities….

Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee from where he was sitting. He could tell she was trying her best not to cry. Her feelings weren’t hurt but her pride was.
‘Ji Won… Hmm… He looks and sounds familiar…’ He thought. Sung Hoon chewed on his lip for a while and then it hit him.
‘He’s that stupid kid that locked me in the refrigerator!’ Sung Hoon felt anger rose inside him as he looked at Ji Won. As he was listening, he began to realize Ji Won was putting Kyung Hee down as he was breaking up with her.
‘Don’t you dare hurt Kyung Hee like that.’ Sung Hoon came out from where he hid.


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