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It Was You All Along Part 24

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Part 24

"Boarding Flight Number 637! All passengers please come aboard at this time."

Kyung Hee looked out the window of her airplane seat, looking at Korea for the last time. Ji Won sat down next to her. He held her hand and gave her a little smile.
"Don't worry sweetie. It'll be okay just as long as we're together." Kyung Hee gave him a weak smile and nodded. Ji Won looked at her carefully.

"You sure are pretty today. Remember back then when you were so much like a guy? I mean I couldn't believe that I had dated you back then." Kyung Hee was taken aback.
'Does look always have to matter?' she thought. She sighed and didn't listen to Ji Won as he continued talking. She pulled out of her handbag the book she took from Sung Hoon. She didn't know exactly what it was except that it had Sung Hoon's name on it.

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She opened it up.
'Oh my gosh! I took his journal!' She closed the book instantly. Her curiosity got the best of her. She opened it up. The book was held in place by something. She took it out and saw the it was a little bundle strand of hair tied together by an ivory ribbon. She realized it was her hair and the ribbon was the same one Sung Hoon took from her when he pulled on her pigtails.

Tears fell down her face as she held onto her hair.
'Sung Hoon... You had loved me so long ago?' She began reading his entries.

October 20
Too close. I can't believe it. It had all happened so fast that I didn't have time to think. I would have lost Kyung Hee if I hadn't seen that fan falling. If it did fall and kill Kyung Hee... What would become of me? She'll be gone forever, leaving me in this cruel and lonely world. You would have thought that I would have told her that I loved her right then because I came so close to losing her. But I didn't. When I pushed her out of the way in time, I also chopped off her beautiful long hair. I know it was her prized possession. I said something really stupid and now she hates me forever. Why must I always hurt the one I love the most?

Kyung Hee paused in shock. She had blamed Sung Hoon for cutting off her hair all these years when all he did was risked his own life to save hers. More tears slipped down her face as she continued reading.


February 14
Ha Ha! Hey, today I was teasing Kyung Hee in the cafeteria again. She was so mad. She hated it when I called her Macho Man. Is it my fault she looks so much like a guy? Hmm... But underneath all that she was the still same So Kyung Hee that I love. It's so hard telling her how I feel coz every time we talk, we end up arguing or dissing each other about something. It's Valentine's Day today and I don't even have the guts to give her the dozen roses I have right here. I hope she's not out with some other guy though...

Kyung Hee let out a little laugh. It figured Sung Hoon would write something like that. She flipped the book all the way to the last entry.

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July 7
I love camping. Yesterday I was out camping with everyone and the most important of all, Kyung Hee. That stupid jerk Ji Won made me fall into a pit but like always, Kyung Hee was there for me. I don't know what to do without her. We talked about our past together and of course, she reminded me of how I tortured her. Underneath the moonlight, she looked so pretty. I began to realize that my childhood happiness was all because of her. She didn't laugh at me when she found out about my fear. And you know what? Since Kyung Hee was down in that dark hole with me I'm not afraid of the dark anymore. But I'm still afraid to admit to Kyung Hee that I love her. What if she rejects me? All I know is that I can't live without her....

Kyung Hee shut the journal. She began to do some thinking of her own. She looked over at Ji Won, who was sleeping. Then she realized it. All her tears and happiness were all because of Sung Hoon. He was the only one who was able to make her laugh or cry. She knew right then she couldn't leave.

"Flight 637 is prepared for take-off."

Sung Hoon watched the plane for Flight 637 take off. He walked away from the fence when the plane can no longer be seen. Tears fell down his cheeks as he started to head home.
'It's over.' Sung Hoon got into his car. He leaned against his seat and sighed.
'If we were meant to be together, then Kyung Hee will show up right now.'

"Kang Sung Hoon!"

Sung Hoon sat up instantly. He recognized that voice.
"Kyung Hee? Can't be!" He looked up and saw her running towards him. He was so happy he couldn't speak. He got out of his car right away and ran towards her. She ended up in his arms. He spun her around.
He gently placed her down and said, "I don't get it! Your plane left already! I mean how?"

Kyung Hee smiled.
"I got off the plane before it took off. Ji Won wasn't exactly happy about it but it's okay." Sung Hoon looked at her shyly.
"But I thought you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you fell in love with first?" Kyung Hee gazed into the face of the person she knew she wanted to see everyday. She leaned over to kiss him. Then she whispered,

"It was you all along."

~*:: The End ::*~


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