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It Was You All Along Part 7

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Part 7

The whistle blew and class began. Sensei Shim called roll and made everyone sat down.

“Alright now you spineless wimps. Let’s see what you’ve learned these past few weeks. Class will begin with a match. Who are my volunteers?" Sung Hoon raised his hand.
“I will Sensei.”
“Ah… Sung Hoon, my number one student. Who else? Hmm… How about Kyung Hee?” Kyung Hee shook her head so hard that her hair fell out of her ponytail. Sung Hoon rolled his eyes.
“Not today Sensei. How about Ji Yong?”
“Ji Yong?” Sensei Shim looked at Ji Yong.
“Are you the new boy Ko Ji Yong?”
“Yes Sensei,” answered Ji Yong.

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Sensei Shim rubbed his chin.
“Hmm… I don’t know Sung Hoon. It might not be fair for Ji Yong to fight against an advanced student like you.” Ji Yong stood up.
“It’s okay. I learned Tae Kwon Doe back at my old school too.”
“Really?” asked Sensei Shim.
“Then this should be a good match. Alright everybody. In your places.”

Ji Yong and Sung Hoon got in their fighting stances.
‘I’m going to wipe that smile off your face,’ thought Ji Yong.
‘You’re going down punk,’ Sung Hoon thought back.

“Fight!” Sung Hoon moved forward.
‘I’m going to punch him so hard...‘ but before he knew it, he had fallen down on his back. He was surprised.
“How? What?” Ji Yong had sweep-kicked him and made Sung Hoon fall.
“Winner Ko Ji Yong!”
“Yay!” shouted Kyung Hee. She ran up and hugged Ji Yong.
“You were great! You took him down in less than five seconds!”
“Wait a second!” yelled Sung Hoon.
“There are three rounds in a match. It ain’t over yet!”
“Oh yeah,” said the Sensei.
“Hold on everyone. We have two more rounds left.”

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Sung Hoon looked over at where Kyung Hee was sitting. She was massaging Ji Yong’s shoulders. He opened his mouth in shock.
‘That traitor!’ he thought to himself.
‘She’s on the enemy’s side!’ Images of choking Kyung Hee in his mind was interrupted by Jae Jin calling him.
“Hey Sung Hoon.”
“What is it Jae Jin?”
“The new guy Ji Yong is pretty good but by the way he fights, I know you can beat him. Just don’t underestimate him and don’t let your guard down. You can win.” Sung Hoon slapped Jae Jin on the back.
“Thanks hyung. I was kind of spacing out there.” Jae Jin nodded indicating that he understood.
‘You’ll see that I’m the better guy Kyung Hee,’ Sung Hoon tried to tell her mentally.
“You were great Ji Yong oppa!” Kyung Hee said excitedly.
“Thanks. Umm… Kyung Hee?”

“You sure Sung Hoon is the best fighter here? He didn’t seem to last very long.” Kyung Hee nodded her head.
“He is the best fighter here. I think he didn’t last long because you’re so much better than him."
“Maybe,” said Ji Yong with doubt.


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