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It Was You All Along Part 3 to 4

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Part 3

~Ding dong~
Kyung Hee stopped putting her toys away and looked up at the front door.
‘Hmm…I wonder who it could be?’
“Kyung Hee! Answer the door!”
“Okay grampie.” When she opened the door she saw a pretty lady and the boy she helped earlier.
“Hi!” She grabbed Sung Hoon’s hand. “Are you okay?” Sung Hoon just looked at her and didn’t answer.
“Oh you two already met?”
“Not really. I don’t even know his name.”
“I see. You can call me Mrs. Kang and this is my boy Sung Hoon. Is your grandfather home?”
“Ah huh. My name is So Kyung Hee. Come in.” Kyung Hee closed the door behind them. Then she ran upstairs to get her grandpa.
Then the grandpa told her, “Why don’t you and Sung Hoon go outside while Mrs. Kang and I have a talk?”
“Okay grampie. Come on Sung Hoon,” she said as she pulled him out of the house with her.

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When they got outside, Kyung Hee felt a hard shove behind her back. She fell on the grass but something there cut her leg and made her bleed. She looked up and saw Sung Hoon glaring at her with the coldest eyes she has ever seen.
‘Don’t pretend you want to be my friend,’ thought Sung Hoon. He was going to make Kyung Hee pay for what Ji Won and Tae Won did to him.
“Why did you push me?”
“I hate ugly girls! And you are really damn oogly!” Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. She began to cry. Sung H felt bad but he was still mad at what those guys did to him so he wasn’t going to stop.
“What? Oh, are you crying? You are such a baby!” That made Kyung Hee instantly stop. She stood up.
“I’m not a baby!”
“Yes you are!” Sung Hoon yelled back.
Then he yanked on one of her braids and pulled the ivory ribbon out.
She yanked back her hair and then replied, “You’re the baby! Who was crying inside my fridge huh?”
That made Sung Hoon really mad. He pushed her hard. She fell down and cried really loud. Her grandpa and Mrs. Kang ran out.
“What happened Kyung Hee?” Kyung Hee pointed her finger at Sung Hoon. She began to sob again. “He…he.. “
“I accidentally made her fall,” cut in Sung Hoon.
Kyung Hee looked up at Sung Hoon in shock.
‘That liar!’ she thought.
“I’m sorry,” said Sung Hoon as he began to bawl. He looked at Kyung Hee with his puppyish eyes.
“I didn’t mean to make you fall.” Mrs. Kang held Sung Hoon.
“I know you didn’t mean to make Kyung Hee fall.”
Then her grandpa asked, “Are you okay Kyung Hee?”
Kyung Hee looked up and saw Sung Hoon’s lips move.
“Baby,” he said loud enough just for her to hear. Kyung Hee bit her lip.
"I’m okay grampie. It was an accident.”
“I’m sorry Mr. So but I have to be home and prepare dinner for my husband. It was a pleasure meeting you. Bye Kyung Hee!”
“Bye,” said Sung Hoon and he gave Kyung Hee a wave. Kyung Hee watched them as they left. Then she saw Sung Hoon turn around and giver her a little smirk. She glared back at him.
‘It’s war. I’m going to hurt you one of these days Kang Sung Hoon,’ she promised herself. This was the beginning of a NOT so beautiful friendship…

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Part 4

Five years later…
During these years Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee went to school together everyday. Kyung Hee was the target of Sung Hoon’s tortures every single day. He would call her names and hit her. He would push her around in school but in front of adults, he would act like he was her best friend. It was a nightmare for Kyung Hee because Sung Hoon requested to have every single class with her and he was her partner in every single project. What’s worse was Sung Hoon became the most popular boy in school so she couldn’t get anyone on her side to help her avoid him. Also during this time, Sung Hoon met Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin. It took them a while before Sung Hoon would trust them. Eventually they became Sung Hoon’s best friends as they hang out together more often. He let them in on the fun of teasing Kyung Hee but he would never let them physically harm her. And so it begins…

Junior High…
“Heads up!” Kyung Hee glanced up and saw a blurry object headed her way. Before she could block it, it hit her right smack on the head and gave her a bruise.
“Ow!” she yelled and began to rub the spot where it hit her head. Sung Hoon began to walk towards her. He was the one who threw the football.
“Aww… Did it hurt?” Kyung Hee glared at him but he just smiled at her.
She clenched her teeth and answered, “No.”
Right behind Sung Hoon was Jae Duc and Jae Jin. They were laughing.
“Hope you didn’t make her cry man!” said Jae Jin. Jae Duc shook his head.
“Naw… Her head has too many bones in it.”
“Maybe that’s why they call her ‘BoneHead!’” yelled Sung Hoon. All three of them started busting out laughing and gave each other high-fives. Kyung Hee stood up.
“You idiots! There are no bones in the head! You don’t know anything! No wonder all of you are so dumb to make that stupid joke. I hope all three of you fail and repeat eighth grade!” Jae Jin looked at her.
“Aww… You don’t mean that Kyung Hee. Coz that means you’ll graduate before Sung Hoon.”
“Yeah,” added Jae Duc.
“You don’t want to leave your Sung Hooney, do you?” Kyung Hee’s face turned red.
“Shut up Jae Jin and Jae Duc! Kang Sung Hoon is nothing of mine!” She points a finger at Sung Hoon.
“I hate you!”
Sung Hoon just gave her a smile and said, “No you don’t.”
“Ahhh!” she screamed and then stomped off to class.
' Those jerks,’ Kyung Hee thought.
‘Damn you Sung Hoon. Acting like you’re King of the school. I hope you get kicked off your throne! Your Majesty!’ She began to imagine herself choking Sung Hoon and didn’t watch where she was going. Then, she felt herself bumping into someone.
“Ow!” said a voice.
“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going. Here let me help you up.” Kyung Hee bent down to help the guy up. She noticed he had a long neck and really beautiful eyes. Then she cursed herself for staring at him. He was cute!
“Sorry about that.”
“It’s okay.”
He gave her a really sweet smile.
“By the way, my name is Ko Ji Yong. And you are?”
“I’m So Kyung Hee. Nice to meet you Ji Yong oppa. Are you new here?”
“Yeah. First day.”

“Let me see your schedule.” Kyung Hee looked at the list Ji Yong gave her.
“Hey you take Tae Kwon Doe?”
“Yeah. I’m the Junior Champion back at my old school. So do we have any classes together?”
“Really? That’s tight! Hmm… We have four classes together.”
‘He has four out of six classes with me,’ she thought.
‘Damn and that monster Sung Hoon has all six with me. Maybe Ji Yong will be the only guy here who won’t listen to Sung Hoon and pick on me. Who knows? He might even kick Sung Hoon’s butt in Tae Kwon Doe!’
Just the thought of Sung Hoon getting beat up made Kyung Hee yelled out, “Yay!”
Ji Yong looked at her surprised.
“Why are you so happy?”
“Oh nothing. Come on Ji Yong oppa. Let me take you to your first class with me.”


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