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It Was You All Along Part 20 to 21

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Part 20

As Ji Won walked back to camp he heard a voice calling for Kyung Hee. He recognized Sung Hoon’s voice. In the middle of the road Ji Won looked down. He saw a huge hole that was about ten feet deep. Ji Won gave an evil smile. He had a plan. He began to rustle the leaves near the hole.

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Sung Hoon heard a noise.
‘Is it Kyung Hee?’
“Kyung Hee is that you?” No answer.
"Come out come out wherever you are.” The leaves continue to rustle.
‘What if she’s hurt and couldn’t answer?’ Sung Hoon started to walk towards the noise and ended up falling into the trap. It was so cold and dark in there. Sung Hoon began to panic.

“Help!” Ji Won came out from where he was hiding.
“Hey Sung Hoon. Looking for something?” Sung Hoon looked up and saw Ji Won’s face.
“Damn you Eun Ji Won! Get me out!” Ji Won just smiled.
“This all seems so familiar. You know, it took me a while but then I remembered. Didn’t I do this to you before ten years ago?” Sung Hoon started to tremble. Because of what Ji Won did to him, he had a fear of the dark and being trapped alone. But he wasn’t going to show it. Sung Hoon glared at Ji Won.
“So what? I don’t give a damn. Just get me out!” Ji Won laughed.
“I guess history repeats itself when you mess with me or anything of mine. This time I mean Kyung Hee. She is my girlfriend and I want you out of the way. And I guess this solves my problem.”
“Kyung Hee don’t like you! She’s with me.”
“Oh really? Didn’t seem like it when your ex held you like that. I guess you can’t let go of your first love and I think you know that I’m Kyung Hee’s first. She’ll come back to me.” Sung Hoon sat down on the cold ground. Kyung Hee did say that before.
‘Is she going to go back to him?’ As he was thinking, Ji Won left. Sung Hoon looked up.
“Hey!” His worst nightmare had came back and this time Kyung Hee was not there to save him. He was stuck here all alone in the dark.
“Kyung Hee… Where are you?”


After a while Kyung Hee headed back to camp. She took out her flashlight to shine her way back on the main path.

[Down in the pit]
Sung Hoon looked up and saw a beam of light. He stood up.
“Help!” Kyung Hee looked around.
‘Was someone calling for help?’
“Hello? Is someone out there?”
“HELP!” Kyung Hee ran to where the voice came from. She saw Sung Hoon jumping up and down in a hole.
“Sung Hoon! What are you doing down there?”
“I fell in. Help me out!”
“Okay.” She placed her flashlight on the ground. Then she reached over and tried to pull Sung Hoon up but he was too heavy for her.
“I can’t”
“What do you mean you can’t? Use those puny muscles you have!”
“You’re too heavy! Let me go back to camp for help.”
“Hell no! What if you leave me here?”
“What? I’m not like that!”
“How do I know?”
“Sung Hoon. Let go!”

Sung Hoon ended up pulling Kyung Hee into the pit with him. She landed on top of him. She got up and started yelling at him.
“You selfish jerk! Now we’re both stuck down here!” Sung Hoon backed up against the wall. Then he started yelling.
“Damn! Not again! Why me? Why does it have to be so dark?” Kyung Hee looked at him.
“You’re afraid of the dark?”
“Yeah! You got a problem?” Kyung Hee looked at him surprised.
“No.” She started to look at the real Kang Sung Hoon for the first time in a long time. The smart-aleck tough guy was gone. And there he was. The innocent and vulnerable Sung Hoon she first fell in love with when she was eight. But she still hasn’t realized it yet….

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Part 21

Sung Hoon started to gasp for air. That scared Kyung Hee.
“Sung Hoon…. Are you okay?” He shook his head. Then suddenly, he leaned over and hugged her hard. He buried his face into her neck and didn’t let go. Kyung Hee stood still. She didn’t know what to do. “Sung Hoon… Are you okay?” Still no answer. She continued to hold him as he shivered in her arms. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear like he was a little child that needed comforting. Sung Hoon began to breathe easier and calmed down. Then he realized he was holding onto Kyung Hee a little too hard. He let go, his face blushing.
“Uh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to.”
“It’s okay.”

Sung Hoon gazed at Kyung Hee from the light that the moon shone on her. Her eyes were closed. She was like a sleeping angel. She looked like it too with her raven hair flowing down her back, her little white dress, and she was so naturally beautiful that she didn’t need make-up. Sung Hoon began to lean forward to kiss her but then suddenly she opened her eyes. He pulled back instantly, his cheeks turning red.
‘Crap! Did she know what I was about to do?’

Kyung Hee patted him on the shoulder.
“Hey Sung Hoon…”
“Look. There’s a full moon out tonight.” Sung Hoon looked up at the sky. The moon was full and bright. Then he looked over at Kyung Hee, who was smiling.
Then she asked him, “Do you remember when we were ten, we saw the moon’s reflection on the lake? You told me the moon was a ball so I would go in and get it.”
Sung Hoon smiled when he reminisced about his childhood past. It had been a happy one ever since he met Kyung Hee.
“Yeah. You went into the lake and started to get the moon ball. And you kept asking me why the ball would disappear everytime you went near it. You were so stupid!” He started laughing. Kyung Hee gave him a look. That made him stop laughing. But then she gave him a little smile to show that she wasn’t mad and it made him feel better.

“Yeah because of your dumb lies I almost ended up drowning.”
“Yeah… I had to jump in and save you. I was so worried.” Kyung Hee looked at him.
“Were you?” Sung Hoon faced her. He was gazing directly into her eyes. He always thought the best part about Kyung Hee were her eyes. They were big, innocent and honest. Every time he looks back, he always remember them as the first thing he saw when he met her.
“Yeah kinda. I mean if you ended up drowning then I have no one else to pick on.” Kyung Hee looked down and smiled. She knew what Sung Hoon really meant though. They continued talking about their past and before they knew it, they both fell asleep on each other’s shoulders.


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