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Family Love Quotes

Family Love Quotes Part 1


The love of a family
is life's greatest blessing

Blood makes you related,
Love makes you family.

There are fathers
who do not love their children;
there is no grandfather
who does not adore his grandson

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Of course if you like your kids,
if you love them from
the moment they begin,
you yourself begin all over again,
in them, with them,
and so there is
something more to the world again.

You don’t have to
deserve your mother’s love.
You have to deserve your father’s.

The most important thing
a father can do for his children
is to love their mother.

Nothing is more beautiful
than a smile on loved ones’ faces.

And thank you for a house
full of people I love.

My family would be supportive
if I said I wanted to be a Martian,
make love to ashtrays,
and eat tree bark.


The family is the school of duties
- founded on love

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Family is the best thing
you could ever wish for.
They are there for you
during the ups and downs
and love you no matter what.

In family life,
love is the oil that eases friction,
the cement that binds closer together,
and the music that brings harmony.

Family Love Quotes Part 1


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