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Romantic Gestures


Have a pillow fight.

Write her a hand-written letter

Give him/her a “Just Because I Love You” gift

Give flower to her everyday for no reason.
Send Flowers to Her at

Feed him/her.

Fill the ceiling of a room full of balloons with ribbons that reached the floor.

Sing to him/her under his/her house.

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Hold doors for her.

Tell her how beautiful she is.

Play in the park like when you were kids Throw snowballs, or jump in leaf piles. Splash in puddles..

Wash her hair for her. She'll love it.

Hold Hands.

Take a walk together.

Spread rose petals all over the bedroom, or bathroom, or anywhere.

Rub massage oils on her lower back.

Share an ice cream.

Go public with your love


Undress each other with your eyes closed.

Dance under a slow music.

Kiss your partner awake in the morning.

Surprise your love by lip-synching a love song.

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Use Rain-X anti-fog (used to keep car windows from fogging up) on a cotton swab to write a message that will mysteriously appear on the bathroom mirror while your sweetheart is showering.

Go to the drive-in movies.

Make a time capsule. Write down your private thoughts and dreams in letters to each other. Oen it for the special occasion.


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