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One Wish Part 8

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In the other town, they were still trying to solve the mystery of the drifting ship. By now, the fishermen had managed to gain control of the ship and bring her back to the pier. People who passed by began speculating what had happened to the sailor.

"I knew he was trouble when I first saw him here." said one.
“He was quiet. He kept to himself mostly." said another.
They went on and on with their theories. They began to wonder if it had anything to do with the questions the sailor had been asking. They wondered if he had asked around too much.
"Maybe somebody chased him out of town." said one bitter shopkeeper.
"Maybe he robbed someone and had to get away fast!" said one little boy.
“Maybe he simply died from a broken heart." said the tailor-shopkeeper.

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The young woman walked up the sidewalk as the theories continued. She was now aware that the gentleman was not the one who played the song for her. She was taking a walk to vent her anger when she saw the crowd. As she got closer, she saw what they had been talking about. She also realized that this was the same ship that the man had learned that they were talking about the man who bumped into her at the tailor shop a few weeks earlier. She then realized that she had made a terrible mistake. When she found out that the sailor was missing she became frantic. She had to find him and tell him that she was wrong!

The fisherman began searching the ship for clues. They went from tip to tail. There were men were all over the small ship looking for evidence to the sailor's whereabouts. Just as they were about to give up, a man came out from nowhere and pushed his way through the crowd.

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"Here. I think this is for you."
The man handed a small piece of paper to the young woman. It was the note that the sailor had written to give to her at the restaurant. It was a short note that was barely a few sentences long. The young woman opened the piece of paper and read it. Tears welled up in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. The note was a short poem which simply said:

“If I had one wish in this whole world and I would be able to make it come true,
I'd wish for one thousand lifetimes and spend them all with you.”

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