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One Wish Part 7

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The sailor strolled back slowly to the docks. There was no strutting or smiling. His back was hunched and his chest caved in. He walked with his hands in his pockets and kicked at the stones he passed on the way. What went wrong? Why had fate been so cruel to him? He played every little scene over and over again in his head. He began questioning everything that he had done, right down to his very existence. He heard the townspeople say over and over again that the young woman would never be interested in him. He could hear their voices echoing within himself. Maybe they were right. Maybe he shouldn't have wasted his time. Maybe there was someone else out there for him. Maybe he was destined to be alone.

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It was nightfall by the time he reached his ship. The stars were out and there was a slight mist on the water. The stars did not look particularly beautiful that night. The stars had betrayed him. He had made a wish on a star that night and the stars are laughing at him now. The sailor felt he was the butt of a cruel joke played by the night sky. He cursed every single one of the stars that night.

The sailor went into his cabin. The thud of the cabin door closing seemed to confirm the verdict that he would always be alone. He emptied his pockets onto his desk and sat on his bed. The pain that was building inside him almost swallowed him whole. He collapsed onto his bed and buried his head in his pillow. As he rolled to one side, he saw his saxophone in the corner. Sheer instinct made him peeled his head from the wet sheets and grabbed his saxophone as tears continued to roll down his cheeks. He would look for comfort from the instrument that had given him joy on many days out at the sea. He walked out of his cabin to go topside.

The mist was starting to build. It soon became a thick fog with very little visibility. The stars were almost all gone. The sailor went to the very tip of the bow and put the horn to his lips. He was so overcome with grief that he couldn't find the notes at first. He took a deep breath and tried again. This time, melancholy notes swelled and burst into music as they left the horn. It was the saddest sound that this town had ever heard. The sailor poured his heart and soul into every note and with every note, the fog grew thicker. It is rumoured that on nights where there is thick dense fog on the water, you can still hear the sailor blowing his horn as he searches for notes to play his sad song.


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The town awoke to an eerie sight the next morning. The sailor's tiny ship had been adrift in the harbour all night but there was no sign of the sailor. The fishermen at the wharf who had just started their day took time out to try and solve the mystery. The animals that had joined the sailor on many of his trips congregated around the small craft. The birds flew around looking for their friend. They would hover back and forth but the sailor was not to be found. The birds began crying in protest as they were overcome with grief. Some say that this is the cry of the seagulls looking for their lost sailor.

The people of the sailor's hometown didn't know what went on up the coast. They just knew that the sailor had been gone for a long time. They missed his warm smile and easygoing ways. They thought that he might have gotten lost because of the heavy fog the night before. The whole town started burning candles in their windows to guide their sailor to a quick return. People still burn candles in their windows to guide their sailors who have gone to sea back home.

One Wish Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


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