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One Wish Part 4

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He thought that maybe he would write a song just for her. He could hear the melody in his head as he became more excited about the idea. He couldn't wait to get back and start work on it. It had taken him almost three days to find the young woman. He decided that he would stay tied up at the harbour until he finished the song. By now, he had met most of the shopkeepers in town and there was no problem getting goods from them. He was a little bit bothered though. The people he had talked to were so sure that the young woman wouldn't be interested in him. He shrugged it off and smiled with contentment.
"This is going to work," he said to himself.

What he didn't know was that he had competition. In the same town, there was a young man who belonged to the upper class society in the town. His family owned a lot of land that the town's stores were built on. He had a clean-cut appearance, wore the finest clothes and carried himself like a gentleman. Although he had the makings of a model citizen, he was too much of a smooth talker. He said anything and everything that he thought you wanted to hear. Because of this, he had gotten away with some questionable acts. After losing some investors’ money, he thought of an explanation that seemed plausible at that time. The townspeople respected his family and as a result, were very open to what the gentleman recommended. The gentleman did all his questionable deeds without his family's knowledge and risked their reputation in the process. He would travel up and down the coastline across the countryside to find new business partners. Because of his travels, he left a few broken hearts behind.

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He had been seen talking to the young woman in the Town Square. He was very charming; he bought her flowers, candy and many different trinkets that he had picked up during his travels. As their families were both very respected in the community, everyone presumed that they would be married someday. But the young woman was cautious when she dealt with the gentleman. She had heard of some of his deeds while he was travelling. He would always come back with a reasonable explanation but she remained sceptical of him.

The sailor didn't have a lot of money. He was tidy but he didn't wear the finest clothes. He wasn't much of a talker and this he found out when he tried to talk to the young woman. All that he had going for him was that he had a kind, generous heart and he could play a mean saxophone! He stayed up all night to finish the song that he wrote and named for the young woman. His plan was to sail up the coastline to the base of the hill where the young woman's house was. He weighed anchor and set course for the young woman's house.


Sunlight glistened on the surface of the water and the skies were clear. It was a beautiful day, perfect for romance. Recognizing the sound of the small ship, the sea animals came out to greet the sailor. They started to congregate around the bow of the ship as they anticipated the usual show. The small ship purred along as it gets closer to its destination. It was just a little way past the next jetty.

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As the ship rounded the end of the harbour, the small house of the young woman came into view. She was in front of the house lying on a blanket. She had decided to enjoy the afternoon reading a book by the bay with the gentle lapping of water against the shore providing a sweet addition to the relaxing afternoon. The lapping of the water was soon joined by a low gargle of a diesel engine. The little ship was now in full view of the house. The engine grew louder and louder and then suddenly stopped.

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