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Once upon a time, there was a sailor who lived in a village by the sea. He was a well-mannered gentleman, tall in stature and very well liked by all. He would wave and greet everyone he sees as he walked to the market in the mornings.
The people would wave back and say, "Hey sailor." as he walked past.
Sometimes they would stop and have a little chat about the events that occurred while he was out in the sea for long periods of time.

The sailor loved going out to the sea. There’s nowhere else in the world where he could see the sights and sounds he sees at the ocean. Spectacular sunrises, breathtaking rainbows and golden sunsets were almost an everyday occurrence at sea. At night, after the sun has retired for the evening, millions of stars would come out to play. Occasionally, the moon would come out to join the stars at play. The moon would light the playing field and the stars would twinkle in unison. The ocean would be the cheerleader for these games as the waves clapped against the shoreline urging the contestants on. All of this happened every night after the sun went down.

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The sailor witnessed these sights regularly and being an accomplished musician, he would join the party by playing his saxophone. He played wonderful melodies. The notes he played were so captivating that the animals of the sea would take notice. The dolphins would jump in and out of the water around the sailor's ship. The seals would compete for dancing space with the dolphins around the ship. Sea birds would play in the spray of the water that the ship made as it goes through the water. The sailor would be out on the deck of the ship, playing what seemed like hours, to his eager audience. Every time the sailor went to sea, his fans will be out by the harbour entrance, waiting for the concert to begin.

The sailor enjoyed playing for his new friends but there was something missing. The sailor was very lonely. He had all these sights and sounds at his fingertips but there was no one to share them with. Yes, he did have the company of his animal companions, which he appreciated greatly, but he wanted to share these things with someone who could enjoy them the same way he did. The following night, he was out at the ocean when he saw a falling star. He closed his eyes and made a wish right there. He wished for a special woman to come along so that he may share a piece of his life with her.


Now, down the coast, not too far away from the village where the sailor lived was another town. It was a town that depended on the sea to survive and the businesses thrived. The town was more developed as compared to any other for miles up the coastline. The townspeople were everywhere and the streets buzzed with the order of the day.

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"Fresh fruit!" called a vendor from one street corner.
"Get your fresh fish right here!" cried another down the block.

The vendors were heard peddling their goods up and down the block. The townspeople shuffled up and down from one street corner to another street corner looking for the best bargain of the day. The sailor had been to this town before, but he rarely stayed long. This town was too busy. The noises from the streets were annoying and the people were rude and pushy. This town was a far cry from the cosy village that the sailor was used to.

One Wish Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


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