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One Wish Part 5

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The young woman caught sight of the small craft and was puzzled at the sight. Although she had seen many boats passed her house previously, this was the first one that had stopped for any reason. There was no dock at the house and she hadn't been expecting any visitors. She stood up and inspected the vessel for signs of life. Then, she saw some movement on the deck of the ship. It was the sailor with a saxophone in his hand; dressed in a crisp, clean sailor uniform. The young woman could tell that it was a man on the deck of the ship but she couldn't quite see the man's face clearly.

"Hello!" she called, waving her hand overhead.
The sailor waved back. He could feel his stomach doing somersaults. This was it! This was the moment of truth. He took the cover off of the mouthpiece and took a deep breath before bringing the mouthpiece to his lips and started to play. He played softly at first, and then slowly increased the volume. It was the sweetest sound anyone, including the young woman had ever heard. The marvellous notes mesmerized her as each note brought about a picture of warmth and joy. She closed her eyes; she wanted to savour every note that came from the horn as it echoed down the coastline off into infinity.

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It must have been sweet enough to bring Mother Nature herself to tears, because it started to rain; not a storm, but a gentle spring shower that cleansed the air. The aroma of fresh flowers and seawater filled the senses. And when you thought that nothing more could be added to this serene picture, a rainbow appeared on the horizon. It seemed to reach down from the heavens and straight to the little ship that was the center of the event. The sailor held the last note that as it gently died over the surrounding hillside.

The sea animals signalled their approval and jumped and splashed around as usual. The young woman still had her eyes closed. She stood there, motionless, with tears trickling down her cheeks. The sounds of the animals splashing around the ship awakened her from her trance. She saw the sailor standing on the deck of the ship as he catered to his fan club.

"Who are you? That was the most beautiful song I've ever heard." she said.
The sailor froze. He couldn't speak. His throat was tied in knots. He was blowing it! It took all the strength he could muster but he managed to squeak something out.
“I wrote it just for you."
The sailor's words were lost in the waves as they came ashore. The young woman cupped her hand to her ears, straining to capture any syllables that had just been uttered. She needed to speak to him face to face. The current arrangement was too difficult to communicate.
"Meet me tonight at eight o’clock at the restaurant in the hotel. We can talk over dinner." she chirped.
The sailor waved and nodded with agreement. The young woman smiled and waved back.


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She turned to gather her belongings and scurried into the house. The sailor was filled with joy. His dream was coming true. He raised his hands to the sky and began dancing around the deck of the ship. He was totally out of control with happiness. He caught himself and came to his senses. He needed to make preparations. He would go to town to get a shave and a haircut.
"Maybe I could put on some aftershave." he giggled to himself.
He was as giddy as a child on his birthday and the simplest things amused him. People lose themselves in silliness when they are in love and the sailor was no different.

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