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Undestined Love Part 4

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Four years passed and an old friend from Landon's school was about to get married. She requested for me to go back and be her maid of honor. I was terrified at the thought of meeting him. However, I still went. I was shopping for dresses for the wedding when a young girl in her early 20s asked us if we needed help. I took a closer look at her and recognized her as one of my former students. I was trying to remember her name while looking at her and she beat me to it by saying, "Miss.S?"
I smiled and said, "Yes".

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We started talking about how life was for her and I told her a little about myself.
The conversation turned into an awkward silence and she asked, "Don't you want to ask about Landon?"
I looked at her and she continued.
"After he got switched out of your class, he was very distressed and wanted to talk to you and kept requesting us to pass you letters. However, you took 2 days off and the next thing we know, we heard that you quit. He ran to your class when he heard that you were at school and when he did not find you there, he ran to the office to look for you, which was in vain. He had a look on his face when he was standing there in the office which I don't think I'll ever forget. After that, he skipped school a lot. One day, some guys started talking badly about you. He jumped on them and beat them up badly. It was very scary seeing him like that. After the fight he got kicked off the swimming team. He didn't do any work. The only thing that saved him was his excellent grades from classes that he took previously. We graduated and I heard that he enrolled into the army. During the summer before he was enlisted, he was partying very hard and became a total playboy. Half year ago, news came that he was killed in Iraq. He became really engaged in the whole army thing and was making quite a career. The funeral was very grand and everyone was crying and saying that it's hard to believe that he is gone. Some people talked about the two of you. One of his friends said that Landon was right when he once said that you are his first and last love."

The girl was crying when she was done with the story. Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably. I wept for days and was depressed for weeks. My friend did me a favor by getting another maid of honor and showed a lot of support for me.


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Two years have passed since I met that girl. I am sitting alone right now with 26 red roses and a picture of Landon and me. I felt like I need to cry but are no tears. I have many regrets right now for not fighting for my love, not protecting it like Landon tried to. I simply gave up on him and our love. Tears start to run down my cheeks for I knew I will never love anyone like I loved Landon again.

By Svetlana

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