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Undestined Love Part 3

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Before long, the students started gossiping about us.
One guy said, "I treated Landon differently."
More rumors started to fly around the campus. We had some hard times and I went to the principal and told her everything.
She only answered me, "That's what I feared of right from the start. I didn't want to hire you not because you are inexperienced but because you are so young."
She followed up by saying that maybe there is a way to solve it.

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Landon got switched out of my class. The entire school and his friends started to look at me funnily. He tried to talk to me. It created scenes and resulted in more rumors being created. I didn't know what to do. A school board meeting was held and before the board told me to quit, I said it myself within 5 minutes of the meeting. I told them I would quit and though it's not good to leave the school without an immediate replacement, it would be the best choice. They were relieved with my resignation and assured me gladfully that there would not be any problems and they would find someone else as replacement. I expected that kind of answer. Some of my colleagues had tears in their eyes and I also felt like crying. I left the schol right away. I got a good recommendation from the school but the principle advised me as a friend to start teaching from middle school before progressing to higher levels. I simply smiled at her. She gave me a hug and started crying. She went on to say how life isn't fair.

Within two weeks, I moved away. Landon tried contacting me. He left messages and I felt like dying as I erased them. I did not want to be influenced by them and refused to meet him. After I left, the land-owner called me and said that there was a letter in my mail box for me. I gave her my new address so she could send it to me and I got it within 3 days. It was a letter from Landon. My hands were shaking as I opened it and started reading. He wrote that he loves me and that he will never love another person as much as he loves me for his heart is with me forever. He apologized for creating trouble for me and there was also a picture of us smiling in happier times. I cried for days. I took a long vacation for the rest of the year and started working the following year in a new middle school.


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Years passed. I could not date any other man even when there were many who showed interest. I started to become a cold person.

Undestined Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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