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Undestined Love Part 1

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People reading this story may think that what I did was not right and I understand that too... But that did not stop me from falling in love with one of my students.

I was 25 years old when I started teaching in high school. I was teaching Ukrainian. It was my first year teaching in high school and I was very nervous. When I applied for the job, they told me that I was too "young and inexperienced". However, since they really needed a teacher, they hired me. On the first day, a group of boys walked into the classroom laughing loudly and giving each other high-fives. I told them a couple of times to take their seats as I was standing in front of the room waiting for everyone to arrive. As I repeated it for the third time, one of the guys looked at me intensely and continued to stare. His face was full of surprise. Then he looked at the other boys and told them to take their seats. I felt kind of embarrassed by the way he looked at me.

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Later, I found out his name was Landon. He was a senior required to take a foreign language in order to graduate. Landon was the head of the boys swimming team and was very handsome. He had girls swooning all over him. In the first week of school, I felt that I was treating him differently. He was serious in class and although the girls in class were all over him, he did not pay any attention to them and it surprised me.

Time passed quickly and soon, I had done about 2 months of teaching. One day, he was absent for a test and had to go for a make up test. I gave him the test after school. He sat down quietly and worked on the test for about 15 minutes. After which, he stopped and stared at me. I asked him what was wrong and his answer gave me a shock.


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"Miss S, dosen't it bother you that the guys talk to you that way." For a minute I could not find an answer. Then I said,
"What way?" and he said,
"The jokes they make."
The guys in the class did always joke with me that I was to pretty to be a teacher. To this, I won't say I'm really pretty but I can tell that I am pretty attractive and was a lot different from other teachers. Not only was I the youngest, I dressed differently too as I got my suits and clothes for school from tailors.
I answered saying, "They don't mean it and I don't mind it. I know they are just fooling around."
We continued to talk for some time until I remembered he was supposed to do his test and I said, "Finish your test, it's getting late."
Landon just smiled and said, "I'm done."
"Really?" I asked in surprised. I shouldn't be worried as he got full marks for it.

Undestined Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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