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My Destiny Part 3

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On my birthday, she sent me an email with a movie she made. It was beautiful and it was the start of something new. At least that’s what I thought. My feelings towards her didn’t change but her feelings towards me weren’t the same anymore because I had a relationship. On top of that, I was impatient and was always pushing things when I should have waited for the right moment and the right time. I kept on writing to her to express my feelings. I couldn’t accept the fact that everything had changed since the day I confessed that I had a relationship.

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I sent her flowers, made her a movie with pictures of me and the most beautiful quotes I could possibly find for her birthday. While I could write whole letters for her, I couldn’t even write one sentence for my own girlfriend. With my girlfriend I’m this whole other person, but when I write to her, I am always myself.

We talked about meeting each other again. This time, we managed to meet although I felt the timing wasn’t right. It was not the night we had imagined for months. Despite a disappointing first meeting, we met again for the second time. It was equally disappointing and I went home early because she had a headache. It would be the last time we see each other. In the after event, she did send me an ecard to apologize for spoiling the date as she wasn’t feeling well. At that point of time, I wasn’t thinking about saying goodbye.

On February 2nd 2009, she said that her feelings towards me weren’t going to change anymore and she walked away from my life. She explained to me that her feelings towards me weren’t the same as the feelings I had for her. She had earlier said that she needed time to get to know me better. The fact is we never took that time and she walked out of my life.


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Saying goodbye for the second time was really hard for me because I still believe that she’s the one. I believe our meeting wasn’t an accident and fate didn’t let us meet when there’s no way we could ever be together. There were too many coincidences that brought us together. Furthermore, she’s almost exactly the same as I am, with the same interests and is the one person who seems to understand and know me better than anyone I’ve ever met.

My Destiny Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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