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My Destiny Part 2

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On January 30th 2008, I got this email from a girl who lives on the other side of the country. She tells me that she has all the episodes of the series and she will make a copy for me. For some reason, we continued emailing each other without even knowing it. It just happened. After a few months of emailing, we fell in love with each other. However, I had a girlfriend and she had some feelings for a local friend. The timing couldn’t have been worse! Why did I meet this amazing girl just when a part of my future had already been written? I had a girlfriend, we were building ourselves a home and everything seemed perfect until I meet the girl of my dreams. Things became very complicated. There was no way I could tell this girl I had a relationship and there was no way I could tell my girlfriend I met the girl of my dreams. I couldn’t think of anyone else but her. I was always looking forward to her emails.

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One day, she wrote me an email entitled ‘You’ve got mail.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes as this had always been one my favourite movies. Hence, I asked her if it was a coincidence that she had chosen this title. She said no. From that day on, we found more common interests. Both of us like beautiful quotes from movies, soundtracks, watching movies and we’re both in love with the United States, especially New York. On top of that, we’re both Flemish-speaking although we prefer to write entire lines in English as it sounds so much better. Before I met her, I never met a girl or a person who could understand what I was talking about. Even our favourite place at the North Sea was exactly the same. She was me, but the female version.

That wasn’t all. I started to hear her name all over the place. I first heard her name in a radio commercial for a new car which started with, ‘Dear (her name)’. Then while having a conversation with my banker, he told me his daughter (who shares the same name as her) is having a rehearsal for their interpretation of High School Musical (coincidentally, we are both crazy about High School Musical). My banker had never mentioned his children in the past.


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The weeks went by and our feelings remained the same. We started talking about meeting each other. We had this crazy idea of how perfect everything would be and fantasized a lot about our ideal date. At a certain moment, I freaked out and confessed that I had a girlfriend. Maybe it was stupid, maybe it was not. She was very mad at me, which I completely understood and accepted. I told her immediately that even though I have a girlfriend, every word I had ever written to her was a word from my heart. She said goodbye and it was finished. I thought that it may be a good thing because I could continue my life from where I left it the last time. However, weeks went by but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I was still crazy about her but at the same time I realized she was never coming back. I kept bumping into things that automatically linked me to her and there was no way I could ever forget her.

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