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My Destiny Part 1

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A year ago something that crossed my path changed me and my life completely. From a certain point of view, it made me believe that some things are just destined and there’s no way I could have avoided ‘this collision’. To fully understand what I’m going to say, we have to go back twenty-two years in time.

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In 1986, my cousin and I were huge fans of a certain ‘youth series’ on Flemish television. We watched every episode and repeatedly watched part two of the last episode over and over again. There was a point in time when we were so obsessed with it that we wanted to be exactly like our ‘youth heroes’. Our parents got us the book and a signed picture of the series. My mom even recorded an episode on an audio tape which I listened frequently. I tried searching online for episodes of the series but I couldn’t find any information concerning it. There were even no videos of it on YouTube.

We had a family meeting in 2007 on Mother’s day. I was there and so was my cousin. We were sitting at the table discussing about the series and we talked about how great it would be if we could just lay our hands on all the episodes and start watching them all over again. This was actually ‘the beginning’ of my search. I started writing/emailing the actors, director, creative staff and even certain departments of the government because the series had an educational role to fulfil (The main purpose of the series was to let children drink more milk). I kept searching without any success.

Some time later, I received a mail from one of the lead actors. He said that he had every episode on VHS. I thought my search was finished and I had succeeded. I was looking forward to watching my favourite youth program again. However, he did not get back to me ever again. Therefore, my search continued.


I came up with an idea of making a weblog with details of my search. I thought that could lead me to all the episodes. A month after the creation of the weblog, I contacted an actor which I hadn’t written to yet. He claimed to have several episodes but not all of them. I was comforted that I was at least getting somewhere. I copied his episodes on VHS to my DVDs and went searching for the remaining episodes.

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Before I continue, there’s something else I need to mention. Back in 2004, I met this girl. I was crazy about her and we started dating after a few months. We moved into our first apartment after a year and decided to buy our first house after two years. However, prices on the market were rising very rapidly and buying a house was too expensive. Hence, we decided to build our own house. The building works on the house is still in progress. I always thought that she was the one for me and I would grow old with her until something happened that completely changed my life.

My Destiny Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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