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Poems Of Love
True Path Of Love

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Did I ever tell you how much I....
When I look into your eyes
My heart surrenders to your soul
The windows to your soul capture my youth
I become a prisoner of your love

Each day I lay awake
Your voice echoes in my heart
I long for a day
When love turns to play
As the softness of your hair gently touches my face
I am bestowed with a garland of grace

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When our lips touch
My purpose shines with pride
Each step I take closer to you
My love can not hide

Can't you see
What your love means to me
When I look into your eyes
I love you
true path of love

Just like the sunshine in your eyes

Can you find a way
To love me today

I will never forget what your love means to me
It is as strong as the sea
Each wave pounding against my heart
Until I faithfully become yours
Traveling the path to your heart
I have always known from the start
That I have been on a journey
Through the eyes of your soul

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Until the day that our spirits merge
With the great forests of our mothers and fathers
Where the red ferns grow
For only those who know
How to become one in the spirit of love

Did I ever tell you how much I...
Love you

David Caruso Nicklas

Poems Of Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


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