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Poems On Love
A Modern Take on Love

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If you want me to move mountains
Shout your name to the world
Declare my undying love for you
Dare to face nature in battle

Though my love for you is rare
I can’t go a day without you
But to risk my life and soul
Just so I can see you

It seems slightly ridiculous
After all, what is it you give
A text every morning saying hi
And your little comments through the day

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I admit they do make me smile
And make me look forward to meeting you
Honestly I think our love clichéd

Even though we don’t buy each other flowers
Or go for extravagant meals at 8
When sat in your modern sports car
I feel the candles igniting
And the soft music begins to play
To the sounds of Ramsi Aliani

There is no need for you to return
To what my ideals of love may be
Those ideas and expectations
I have now left to the past

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So no, I won’t declare our friendship
I think we do have things to hide
And those are best left buried
Deep down where no light may go

By Le Vampire

Poems On Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


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