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Love of My Life

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When i first laied my eyes on you i was in love
I knew that u would be the one that i want to be with
I did not want to be a friend i wanted to be a lover
Your eyes are so dreamy
Your body is just right
You are perfect all the way around.

When i am with you i dont want you to ever leave my side,
I love the way you laugh
I love the way you smile
I love the way you are.

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You are always giving me my time
You treat me like a woman is suppost to be treated
You please me in all the right ways

Your a real man with alot of class
You got the mentality to be my Husband
My Friend
My Brother
My Father
My Everything.

I know this has got to be love im always falling in love with you everyday
The love i got for you I never felt this way before
I just keep on falling in love with you.

Every time i say I love you i mean that from the bottom of my heart
Im going to hold on tight and never let you go
I never want to be with out your love
Your the shoulder i lean on when i need to cry
I can not sleep with out you by my side
We Belong together.

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I dont need to look any further
I dont want to go where you cant follow
Im not going to run from my love
Im not going to walk away from this love
I will have nothing if i dont have you.

You see right through me
You break down my love that i show to you by your love
I dont want to hurt anymore
Just stay in my arms and never walk away from me
I will have nothing if i aint got you.

I dont want to cry anymore
I dont want to hurt anymore
Please baby dont walk away from me with your love.

I thought that love would be painful but you make it joyful
You fill me up and give me all the love that i ever thought of
You are all that i have in this world
I will never let your love go.

I will always love you
You are the love of my life
Your love is bittersweet
Your love is memorable
Your love is unforgettable.

We built walls that will never fall down
Standing in the light of a Halo i got my angel know
I been awaken by your love
I aint never going to shut you down
Im surrounding by your love where ever i go
You are all that i ever need and want.

Your love hit me like a ray of sun
You got me addicted to your love
Whenever i am down you always seem to pull me back to reality
Your love is all over me
Your love is all i ever needed.

Your everything that I need
Your my saving grace
Your love builds a hole in my body
Your love made me a changed woman
Your the love of my life and will remain the love of my life.

Your my first love
And will always be my first love
Baby you are my savior
Baby you are my knight and shining armor
You are definetly Gods gift to earth.

Crystal Albanese

Poems Of Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


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