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Army Wife Quotes

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The army has my soldier,
but i have his heart.

You Go Fight For The World,
I Will Be Home Fighting For US

Live every day like
he deploys tomorrow.

My husband serves,
so yours won't get drafted.

Some heroes wear capes,
Mine wears combat boots.

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So close your eyes and sleep to dream. I’m by your side.
No words to speak.
We’ll set our course and make it through.
No matter how far,
my heart remains with you.

There's strong, then there's army strong...
Then there's the strong you have to be
to be an army girlfriend.

Look beside each solider
and you will find the people
who fight with them.
The spouses, the sons,
the daughters, the families,
we serve too and I am proud
to call myself an Army Wife.

Property of The Sexiest Man In The Army


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They look ordinary,
they lace up just the same,
but its not the boots that matter,
its my soldier in the boots
that means the world to me.

I can mess with government property

He always wanted to be a HERO
She always dreamt of being a PRINCESS
As fate would have it she's his PRINCESS and he's her HERO.

Food has replaced sex in my life,
now I can’t even get into my own pants.

Sleep safe...
Sleep with a soldier.
Just find your own!

God created wine to keep
Army Wives from taking over the world.

Wife Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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