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Korea Love Story
Part 15 to 16

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Part 15

I woke up the next morning with this strange feeling inside me. I don’t know why but I find it disturbing. Then when I remember that Ji Won and I are going to get married soon, the feeling subsided.
When I went downstairs, my stepmom was holding that wooden stick I haven’t seen in years. I began to panic. She whacked me with it. I fell down surprised.
“Where’s Ji Won?” she screamed at me.
I was so confused and surprised I didn’t know what she was talking about. She kept hitting me and demanded that I answer her. But how can I answer when I don’t even know myself? Then something unusual happened. My dad grabbed the stick away from my stepmom.
“Stop hitting her! Can’t you tell that she can’t think straight with all that pain?” My stepmom was shocked and she kept her mouth shut because my dad has never done that to her before.
“Mina,” my dad said to me holding my hand.
“Ji Won ran away from home again. He’s no longer in Hawaii and the wedding’s canceled.”
“He left?” I asked blankly. My dad nodded his head sadly.
“How can he leave me?” I asked standing up. My stepmom’s next words hit me hard and cold like ice.
“He probably left because he didn’t want to marry you.” I sunk to my knees and fell to the floor. I began to sob. My parents left the room, leaving me alone.
‘How can you leave me, Ji Won? Were all those promises of taking care of me lies?’ I loved Ji Won so much. All I ever wanted is to be with him, even if he did only consider me as a dongsang. I needed to know why he left. Being with him all this time, I knew where he went. I’ll search all of Korea if I had to…

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One year later…
During this year, my life of hell returned. I managed to save enough money for a ticket to Korea with money to spare. I had to work odd hours so my stepmom wouldn’t find out or she’ll take the money from me. I also had to sell some of Ji Won’s gifts to me. He was a really generous oppa who would buy me a lot of expensive clothes, jewelry, perfume and just about anything that I wanted. I figured he wouldn’t mind because they’re just material possessions. They were a big help because I managed to trade them for a lot of money.

July 24, 1997
I finally had enough money to leave. It took me a while to go because I knew chances of finding Ji Won right away are low. I needed extra money while searching and I had to pay extra for a fake I.D. You could say that I had almost everything planned out. I got a pretty good amount with me and I planned on leaving today. It’s been a little over a year since Ji Won left me with no reason or explanation. I’ve gotten so much thinner because I couldn’t eat or sleep and I miss him so much. The problem facing me right now were my parents. I know they are not going to let me leave.


I was only 17. Damn. Still a minor. This year had been total hell for me and I can’t stand another year of it. I had to leave and I had a plan. I was going to fake my death. It was all so perfect. My family had to go out to a luau with Mr. Eun. He still keeps in touch with us. I guess it’s because he thinks I might know where Ji Won is. Truth is, I have no idea except I know that Ji Won’s somewhere in Korea. I planned to fake a drowning. Due to my heart problems, I can hold my breath for up to 4 minutes and yet stay alive. This time I am using it to let my family think that I have drowned and that the tides have taken my body to the sea so I will never be found…

But before I go, I had to say goodbye to my father. I hugged him hard. He looked at me surprised.
“What was that for?” he asked. I shook my head.
“It wasn’t for anything dad. I did it because I love you.” My dad had tears in his eyes.
“I’m so sorry Mina. I’m so worthless as your father.”
“No you’re not but you have to do what’s right dad. Don’t let anyone stop you and stop putting yourself down.” He nodded his head. I hugged him for the last time.
“I’m going for a swim okay?” He nodded his head and watched me head toward the ocean. The plan went perfect. I stayed underwater for a while and swam to the other side of the beach where they couldn’t see me. All my belongings were there. I got on the dock and sailed to the mainland airport leaving Hawaii forever…

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Part 16

[Seoul, Korea]
July 26, 1997
Ji Won traced the ‘M’ scar on his back.
‘Damn,’ he thought.
‘I miss Mina so much.’ He sent out one of his men to retrieve news about her and if they could, get her here to him in Korea.

Ji Won had it all. Money and power. The only thing that was missing was Mina. So much had happened to Ji Won as he recalled what happened. Ji Won and Sung Hoon made it to Seoul, Korea. With Ji Won’s leadership skills and Sung Hoon’s smooth talking, they end up getting a lot of businesses and putting others out of business. Money was not enough for Ji Won. He needed power so he created Sechskies, where he was the leader and Sung Hoon was his 2nd-in command. He and Sung Hoon managed to eliminate the group Quiksilver on their own and gained the respect and loyalty of the two members Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin. Along the way, they found Ko Ji Yong and Jang Su Won wandering in the streets. Ji Yong proved to be a genius and Su Won was handy in finding information. Ji Won knew they were enough. Ji Won had hundreds of men under him n Sechskies but they were the main leaders with Ji Won as the head. They committed a lot of crimes but no evidence was ever found to convict them. Just then there was a knock on his door, interrupting his thoughts.

“Come in,” said Ji Won. Jang Su Won came in.
“I have news for you, boss,” he said.
“Well what is it? What did you find out about Mina?” Ji Won asked. Sun Won looked down and was hesitatant in his reply.
“I’m afraid it’s bad news.” Those words made Ji Won panic.
“Jang Su Won, answer me now!” yelled Ji Won with rage. Ji Won’s yell scared Su Won so he blurted it out.
“Mina Nam is dead. She drowned while she was swimming in the ocean. Her body has not been found and is still missing.” Ji Won fell back in his seat in shock.
‘Mina’s dead? No, anyone but Mina,’ he thought. Su Won knew it was a good time to leave so he left Ji Won in his office.
“Mina!” Ji Won screamed out of his window in pain. His cries echoed throughout the city of Seoul.

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