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Mad at You


Girl: Hey baby I want to show you...
Boy: (Cutting her off) Ugh... I'm so mad.
Girl: Why? What’s wrong?
Boy: Ugh... Everything!
Girl: Explain baby.
Boy: Just lost a championship game, my parents flipped out on me for no reason and I'm catching a cold.
Girl: Well, there will always be other games; you know I'll take care of you when you are sick and what are your parents flipping out on you for?
Boy: They are making me pay them for a car repair.
Girl: Is it a lot of money?
Boy: No, it just sucks.
Boy: Hey, I don't feel well. I am going to go lie down for a while.
Boy: Bye.
Girl: Wait I want to give you some...
Boy: Can't it wait until tomorrow?
Girl: Yeah, sure.
Girl: Bye.
Boy: Bye.

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Two hours later, the girl joins a friend for a drive out. Her friend swerved to avoid hitting a truck and hits a tree instead. Her friend was killed instantly while she remains in critical condition.

Girl's sister: Oh my god! (Crying)
Boy: What? What's wrong?
Girl's sister: My sister... Your girlfriend was involved in a major car accident.
Boy: Is she OK?
Girl's sister: She's in critical condition.
Boy: I'll be there in ten minutes.

He shows up at the hospital room and stands outside the door. He was replaying the last conversation he had with his girlfriend over and over again in his mind. He was also filled with anguish as he sees the injured girl attached to the life support machine in the room struggling to fight for her life.


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Boy: She wanted to give me something or tell me something.
Girls mom: Yeah this...

It was an envelope that was sealed with a kiss in lipstick. The contents of the letter is as follow.

You're everything to me. I love you with everything I am and everything I have. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sealed in it was a ripped movie ticket from the first movie they went to and the first picture they took together.

He kissed the picture as a tear fell from his face onto the picture. It looked as if she was crying in the picture.

Suddenly, the life support machine started emitting a constant beeping sound. Three minutes later, she was pronounced dead by the doctors.


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