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Wedding Daze (The Pleasure Of Your Company)


Release Date: Jan 15, 2008

Runtime: 90 min

Language: English

Tagline: Who says you can't run off and marry a complete stranger?

Director: Michael Ian Black

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Who's In It:

Jason Biggs as Anderson
Isla Fisher as Katie
Michael Weston as Ted
Joe Pantoliano as Smitty
Edward Herrmann as Lyle
Joanna Gleason as Lois
Rob Corddry as Kyle
Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Matador
Heather Goldenhersh as Jane
Margo Martindale as Betsy
Mark Consuelos as Morty
Audra Blaser as Vanessa
Matt Malloy as Stuart
Chris Diamantopoulos as William

Soundtrack / Songs: Wedding Daze - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2007

1.Inches And Falling (I Love, Love) - The Format
2.Brighter Discontent - The Submarines
3.Bright Side - Lissie
4.My Idea Of Heaven - Leigh Nash
5.Score Medley A - Peter Nashel
6.The Fire Thief - Hem
7.Brand New Day - Orba Squara
8.Closer - Peter Salett
9.Women's Realm - Belle & Sebastian
10.Score Medley B - Peter Nashel
11.Must Be You - Sun
12.Love is Game Two Can Play - Francis Macdonald

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Quotes From Wedding Daze:

Ted: Hey. Is she in there?
Anderson: Yeah, she's in there.
Ted: Good. How do I Iook?
Anderson: I see your baIIs.
Ted: Are you crazy? Come here. Come here. Up here, up. What's the matter with you?
Anderson: What?
Ted: This? This is the big idea?
Anderson: Yeah. Yeah. She's gonna Iove it.
Ted: She's gonna hate it.
Anderson: She's gonna Iove it.
Ted: No, she's gonna hate it.
Anderson: Love it.
Ted: No, she's gonna hate it more than I hate it, and I reaIIy hate it.
Anderson:You know what your probIem is, Ted? You just... You don't understand true Iove.
Ted: Oh, and you do?
Anderson: I understand that there's a girI that I Iove waiting for me in there. And you know what? She Ioves me, too.
Ted: I stiII see baIIs.

Katie: Can I get you guys anything eIse?
Anderson: WiII you marry me?
Katie: Excuse me?
Anderson: WiII you marry me? SeriousIy. Think about it. What couId possibIy be more romantic than throwing away your entire Iife and running off with some handsome, dark-haired stranger you spotted across a restaurant?
Ted: I'm sorry. He's had a Iot of syrup. Okay. Okay, he's had a Iot of syrup?
Katie: Okay, I'II marry you.
Anderson: What?
Katie: Yes. Yes. I'II marry you!

Katie: Sometimes I wonder if you stiII Iove him.
Lois: Who?
Katie: Dad.
Lois: Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?
Katie: WeII, you must have Ioved him once.
Lois: Honey, I was 18 when I met your father and about as dumb as a piece of ham. What did I know about Iove? AII I knew was... He was the hottest thing that I had ever seen. Oh, he Iooked Iike a panther... a sex panther.
Katie: Sounds Iike Iove to me.
Lois: WeII, there's a big difference between Iove and mindIess, animaIistic, carnaI Iust.

Katie: I just need to pack up my shit and you'II never see me again.
Katie talking on the phone: Can I get a taxi, pIease?
Katie: What is the address?
Anderson: 6 New Lane... 6 New Lane... Apartment... Don't go...
Katie: Apartment... What?
Anderson: I Iike you and I don't want you to go.
Katie: MAN. HeIIo? HoId on. What did you say?
Anderson: I Iike you and I don't want you to go.
Katie: You don't Iike me.
Anderson: Don't teII me who I Iike. Screw you!
Katie: Screw you!
Anderson: Screw you!
Katie: No, screw you!
Anderson: God, you're impossibIe! You are pig-headed. You are stubborn. You don't even warn a guy when he's about to step in dog shit. What is that? Ever since I met you, I've been a totaI wreck. Even more of a wreck than usuaI. And screw you, I Iike you!
Katie: Yeah? WeII, you're a Iiar! And you have horribIe morning breath. And you couId never have made
it as a picture frame modeI. It is so cutthroat and so competitive. And ever since I met you, I've been feeIing compIeteIy crazy. And I Iike you, too!


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