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Four Weddings And A Funeral



Release Date: March 11, 1994

Runtime: 117 min

Language: English

Tagline: He's quite engaging. She's otherwise engaged.

Director: Mike Newell

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Who's In It:

Hugh Grant as Charles
James Fleet as Tom
Simon Callow as Gareth
John Hannah as Matthew
Kristin Scott Thomas as Fiona
David Bower as David
Charlotte Coleman as Scarlett
Andie MacDowell as Carrie
Rowan Atkinson as Father Gerald (Wedding two)

Soundtrack / Songs: Four Weddings And A Funeral: Original Motion Picture - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1994

1. Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet
2. But Not For Me - Elton John
3. The Right Time - I To I
4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Nu Colours
5. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
6. Crocodile Rock - Elton John
7. La La La (Means I Love You) - Swing Out Sister
8. Loving You Tonight - Squeeze
9. The Secret Marriage - Sting
10. Chapel Of Love - Elton John
11. Four Weddings & A Funeral: After The Funeral With... - John Hannah

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Quotes From Four Weddings And A Funeral:

Henrietta: Charles! Charles, we must talk.
Charles: Right.
Henrietta: The thing is, Charlie, l've spoken to lots of people about you. Everybody agrees you're in real trouble, Charles.
Charles: Am l?
Henrietta: You see, you're turning into a kind of serial monogamist. One girlfriend after another, yet you never really let anyone near you. On the contrary... You're affectionate to them and sweet to them. Even to me, although you thought I was an idiot.
Charles: I did not.
Henrietta: You did. I thought U2 was a type of submarine.
Charles: In a way, you were right. Their music has a naval quality.
Henrietta: Be serious, Charles. Give people a chance. You don't have to think 'I must get married', but you mustn't start relationships thinking 'I mustn't get married'.
Charles: Most of the time I don't think at all. I just potter along.
Henrietta: Charlie! Oh, God! The way you used to look at me! I just misread it, that's all. I thought you were going to propose and you were just working out how to leave.

Young Bridesmaid: What's bonking?
Scarlett: Well, it's kinda like table tennis, only with slightly smaller balls.

Charles: There I was, standing there in the church, and for the first time in my whole life I realised I totally and utterly loved one person. And it wasn't the person next to me in the veil. It's the person standing opposite me now... in the rain.
Carrie: Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed.

Tom: The great advantage of having a reputation for being stupid: People are less suspicious of you.

Charles: Any idea who the girl in the black hat is?
Fiona: The name's Carrie.
Charles: Pretty.
Fiona: American.
Charles: Interesting.
Fiona: Slut.
Charles: Really?
Fiona: Used to work at Vogue. Lives in America now. Only gets out with very glamorous people. Quite out of your league.
Charles: Well, that's a relief. Thanks.


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