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Tristan And Isolde


Release Date: January 13, 2006

Runtime: 125 min

Language: English

Tagline: When Fate Betrays Your Heart...Destiny Leaves You No Choice...LOVE CONQUERS ALL

Director: Kevin Reynolds

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Who's In It:

James Franco as Tristan
Sophia Myles as Isolde
Rufus Sewell as Marke
David O'Hara as Donnchadh (as David Patrick O'Hara)
Mark Strong as Wictred
Henry Cavill as Melot

Soundtrack / Songs: Tristan & Isolde - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Anne Dudley - 2006

1. Young Tristan
2. The Irish Raid
3. The Queen’s Funeral
4. A Different Land
5. A King’s Lament
6. Isolde’s Dream
7. Two Loves Be One
8. Ambush In The Forest
9. A King’s Service
10. Love So Alike
11. Dangerous Game
12. Warriors Begin
13. Wedding Cortege
14. Leaving Forever
15. Back From The Dead
16. My Face In Thine Eye
17. The Tournament
18. Betrayal
19. I Dream Of You
20. Living Without Love
21. The Drawbridge Is Lowered
22. Secrets In The Woods
23. Tristan’s Final Stand
24. None Can Die

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Quotes From Tristan And Isolde:

Isolde: a child.
Tristan: Will it be mine or his?
Isolde: I'd have no way of knowing, would I?

Tristan: What's this about a tournament?
Lord Marke: The king has offered his daughter to whichever man wins.
Tristan: Let me go and win you a wife.

Young Isolde: Why did she die, Bragnae? Why?
Bragnae: It was an ill vapor that took her. A fever.
Young Isolde: No. It was her heart.

Tristan: I live in torture, thinking of these moments. With every look he gives you, I get sicker and sicker. There is a burning in me I feel on fire, and there's guilt I can't comidify. Does it make you happy to know that?

Isolde: Yesterday at the market, I saw a couple holding hands... and I realized we'll never do that. Never anything like it. No picnics or unguarded smiles. No rings. Just... stolen moments that leave too quickly.

Isolde: How many have you loved before me?
Tristan: None.
Isolde: And after me?
Tristan: None.

Isolde: Know that I love you Tristan. Wherever you go, whatever you see. I will always be with you.
Tristan: You were right. I don't know if life is greater than death. But love was more than either.


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