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Someone Like You...


Release Date: March 30, 2001

Runtime: 97 min

Language: English

Tagline: The story about the one that got away and the one she never saw coming.

Director: Tony Goldwyn

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Who's In It:

Ashley Judd as Jane Goodale
Greg Kinnear as Ray Brown
Hugh Jackman as Eddie Alden
Marisa Tomei as Liz
Ellen Barkin as Diane Roberts
Catherine Dent as Alice, Jane's Sister
Peter Friedman as Stephen, Alice's Husband
Laura Regan as Evelyn

Soundtrack / Songs: Someone Like You - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2001

1. Burning Down The House - Tom Jones/The Cardigans
2. Bang A Gong (Get It On) - London Bus Stop
3. I'm A Tree - Imani Coppola
4. It Must Be Love - Madness
5. Absolutely Cuckoo - The Magnetic Fields
6. Train In Vain - Annie Lennox
7. Woulda Coulda Shoulda - Taj Mahal/The Phantom Blues Band
8. Dreamsome - Shelby Lynne
9. You Are - Wynonna Judd
10. Someone Like You - Van Morrison

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Quotes From Someone Like You...:

Jane: There are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they've left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there's nothing... but empty space and silence.

Jane: I mean, c'mon! I was comparing men to animals!... Which, let's face it, sometimes they are. But sometimes, they are not. Sometimes, you open the barn door, or the bedroom door, or the hospital room door, and you find the real thing. You find a guy that can sit with you when you're at your absolute worst, when your face looks like a punching bag and you're elbow deep in Kleenex, and he can still look at you, and tell you that Ray is not the last man you're ever going to love.

Jane: Man, She really did a number on you didn't she? Well, don't shit on my broken heart just because you converted to some warped brand of romantic atheism!
Eddie: It's called self-preservation.
Jane: Oh, in other words, your narcotize yourself with casual sex.

Eddie: Never underestimate casual sex Jane, it can be very liberating.


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