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The Mirror Has Two Faces


Release Date: November 15, 1996

Runtime: 126 min

Language: English

Tagline: There are two things a woman knows: what she's looking for and what she'll settle for.

Director: Barbra Streisand

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Who's In It:

Harrison Ford as Quinn Harris
Barbra Streisand as Rose Morgan
Jeff Bridges as Gregory Larkin
Lauren Bacall as Hannah Morgan
George Segal as Henry Fine
Mimi Rogers as Claire
Pierce Brosnan as Alex
Austin Pendleton as Barry
Elle Macpherson as Candice
Leslie Stefanson as Sara Myers

Soundtrack / Songs: The Mirror Has Two Faces: Music From The Motion Picture - Marvin Hamlisch, Barbra Streisand - 1998

1. Main Title/In Questa Reggia
2. Got Any Scotch?
3. An Ad?
4. In A Sentimental Mood
5. Rose Sees Greg
6. Alex Hurts Rose
7. The Dating Montage
8. My Intentions?
9. You Picked Me!
10. A Funny Kind Of Proposal
11. Picnic In The Park
12. Greg Falls For Rose
13. Try A Little Tenderness - David Sanborn
14. The Mirror
15. Going Back To Mom
16. Rocking In The Chair
17. The Power Inside Of Me - Richard Marx
18. Rose Leaves Greg
19. Ruby
20. Rose Dumps Alex

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Quotes From The Mirror Has Two Faces:

Claire: If he weren't gorgeous, rich and straight, I wouldn't even have bothered.

Gregory Larkin: The mathematical world is completely rational, uncomplicated by sex.

Rose Morgan: It's not a date. We're just agreeing to eat at the same table.

Gregory Larkin: I want to be upfront with you. I am not interested in sex.

Gregory Larkin: You don't use make-up, do you?
Rose Morgan: What's the point? I'd still look like me, only in color.

Rose Morgan: By the way, would telling you now that I want sex tonight be enough of a warning?

Claire: Now you listen to me!
Rose Morgan: Take it easy, Claire!
Claire: Now, I want you to get up there and remember that this is MY day... and if you don't behave yourself, I'm gonna have your birth certificate blown up as a Christmas card!
Hannah Morgan: I should never have encouraged you to speak.

Rose Morgan: I don't feel anything, isn't that great! I never thought about how *I* would feel, I only ever thought about you. I only wanted to make you happy, I never thought I was good enough for you.
Alex: Oh but you are good enough for me, Rose, you are!
Rose Morgan: I know, I know, but Alex, you're not good enough for me!

Rose Morgan: I tell you what I envy about people in love - I'd love it if someone knew me, I mean really knew me. What I like, what I'm afraid of, what kind of toothpaste I use.

Gregory Larkin: Rose, I love you and I... I want to be married to you.
Rose Morgan: Gregory, You are married to me.
Gregory Larkin: Uh... that's right!

Claire: I'm in the middle of one of my lesbian orgy dreams and he's staring at me like I'm suppose to include him. I can't even fantasize in private.

Claire: Now you spend an extra hour in front of the mirror every morning and every night. And now you'll be the one to walk into a room and scan it for who looks better than you and who doesn't. And as the years go by, the numbers change. One day you'll walk into a room and you're the last woman any man notices.

Rose Morgan: When my date takes me home and kisses me good night, if I don't hear the philharmonic in my head, I dump him.

Rose Morgan: This thing that we call a wedding ceremony is really the final scene of the fairy tale. They never tell you what happens after. They never tell you that Cinderella drove the Prince crazy with her obsessive need to clean the castle, cause she missed her day job, right?


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