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Release Date: September 29, 1995

Runtime: 107 min

Language: English

Director: Roger Michell

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Who's In It:

Amanda Root as Anne Elliot
Ciarán Hinds as Captain Frederick Wentworth
Susan Fleetwood as Lady Russell
Corin Redgrave as Sir Walter Elliot
Fiona Shaw as Mrs. Croft
John Woodvine as Admiral Croft
Phoebe Nicholls as Elizabeth Elliot
Samuel West as Mr. Elliot
Sophie Thompson as Mary Musgrove
Judy Cornwell as Mrs. Musgrove

Soundtrack / Songs: No known soundtrack but contain the following songs

1. Prelude in B - Frédéric Chopin
2. Nocturne in B - Frédéric Chopin
3. Sarabande in B - Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Sarabande in D - Johann Sebastian Bach
5. Prelude in G - Frédéric Chopin
6. The Minstrel Boy - Thomas Moore
7. Italian Aria - Jeremy Sams

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Quotes From Persuasion:

Anne Elliot: My instinct tells me, he is charming and clever but I have seen no burst of feeling, warmth of fury or delight

Captain Harvile: Poor Phoebe, she would not have forgotten him so soon. It was not in her nature.
Anne Elliot: It would not be in the nature of any woman who truly loved.
Captain Harvile: Do you claim that for your sex?
Anne Elliot: We do not forget you as soon as you forget us. We cannot help ourselves. We live at home, quiet, confined, and our feelings prey upon us. You always have business of some sort or other to take you back into the world.
Captain Harvile: I won't allow it to be any more man's nature than women's to be inconstant or to forget those they love or have loved. I believe the reverse. I believe... Let me just observe that all histories are against you, all stories, prose, and verse. I do not think I ever opened a book in my life which did not have something to say on women's fickleness.
Anne Elliot: But they were all written by men.

Captain Wentworth: I come on business, Sir Walter.
Sir Walter Elliot: Business?
Captain Wentworth: Yes, my proposal of marriage to your daughter, Anne, has been accepted and I respectfully, sir, request permission to set a date.
Sir Walter Elliot: Anne? You want to marry Anne? Whatever for?

Mr. Shepherd: Women without children are the very best preservers of furniture.

Anne Elliot: You presume to know me very well, Mr Elliot.
Mr. Elliot: In my heart I know you intimately.


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