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Romantic Evening


Want to spend a romantic evening together with your special someone but short of ideas? Fear not. Below are some tips and ideas on how you can spend it.


Choose your place wisely. You don't want a noisy place that will upset the theme for the night. Neither will you want a place with poor atmosphere that will upset your evening. If you wish to have a more intimate atmosphere, the best place is always home where you can prepare and decorate the surroundings to get ready for the romantic evening. When it is not possible, other suggetions include secluded beaches, parks or any place that hold special meaning for the both of you.

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The surprise element

Surprise adds to the romance factor and as far as possible, try to make him/her totally unaware of what you have planned for him/her. Tell some white lies if it is required.


No evening is complete without a sumptous dinner. Depending on where you bring him/her, different kinds of food might be more practical. Cooking your own food is definitely more romantic and your partner will appreciate the effort. Get some tips on romantic dinner recipes here. If you're a hopeless cook, go to a good restaurant for the food or bring the food to a location of your choice.

What to wear

Dress appropriately. Obviously, it would be nice to dress in the most charming way if possible. But depending on the location you choose, it is not always an option. Try to wear something that is comfortable and something your partner will definitely like. If you want, you can wear something sexy to entice your partner later at night.

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Plan for the night. What activities do you plan to do after dinner. Get romantic date ideas on what to do. A favourite will be watching a romantic movie or dvd at home. Other options include planning romantic games to play at night. Get ideas about what romantic games to play. If you want, you can also just chill out somewhere with soft romantic music in the background and just spend the night talking with each other.

Ultimately, the plan is to customise your romantic evening to your partner and your own likes and dislikes. Always be careful to think about your partner feelings and mood before doing anything. The timing is especially important as you dont want to try to spend time with him/her when he/she have other more important things to attend to and is not in the mood for romance. Have fun experimenting and being creative though!


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